Starved darkbeast

The Wild Lands and frontier villages are besieged by the presence of creatures earning the name Dark Beasts from the accounts of terrified peasants. The latest threat to the peace of Aquilonia comes from no natural source. It's not the thunder of a Nemedian army’s march, or the howling cries of a Pictish tribe running into battle. Instead, the frontier villages scattered throughout this kingdom are now threaten by the presence of creatures which resemble demonic wolves.

Darkbeast big

Exactly what the Dark Beasts are and their exact origin remains a mystery. Only those involved in the arcane birth of these creatures hold such answers. The beasts kill animals and humans alike, though not always for food. While most victims in a Dark Beast attack end up serving as a meal for the creature's appetite, some are slaughtered and left to rot without burial, seemingly killed for no reason beyond the malice of these monsters.


Few who encounter a Dark Beast live long enough to tell of what they saw. So, these creatures are known by the people of the Wilds Lands as a shadowy threat. The gruesome evidence a Dark Beast leave after their hunt is usually discovered by frighten villagers. Those who survive to speak of the creatures tell tales of black-furred abominations with bestial claws and rows of teeth, tearing away flesh with hideous ease.