Dark Templar
Permitted Races
Wield unholy magic to empower your attacks
Focus on tanking or dealing damage
Can drain their opponents' life to replenish their own and their allies'.
Soldier (archetype)
Depravity (Tanking and Shield)
Desecration (Damage with a Talisman)

The Dark Templar's fighting prowess, coupled with unholy spells, makes them a force to be reckoned with. While being great at taking out magical opponents, they also bring various auras for their allies.

Dark Templars are formidable opponents. With unholy magic at their disposal they can drain the power out of their foes while increasing that of their allies and themselves. Due to their magical abilities they are adept at destroying enemy spell casters. Dark Templars can tank using a One Handed Weapon and a Shield, or deal damage with a Talisman and a One Handed Weapon.


The Dark Templar has access to the Frenzy Stance and Defensive Stance, but can also go in a normal stance.


The Dark Templar is feared throughout Hyboria, with his mastery of armed combat coupled with his mastery of the dark arts. Dark Templars can fulfill two roles, that of a damage dealer and that of a tank. Using black magic to debilitate foes, unholy chants to augment his allies attacks, and spilling the blood of his foes to restore that of himself and his allies. Heroes traveling with a Dark Templar are feared by all, as tales of the unholy power of the Dark Templar travel far and fast.

The Dark Templar has all armor types at his disposal, including shields. He can slaughter his opponents with either a One Handed Edged or Blunt weapon in his main hand, and a Talisman in his offhand.

Dark Templars choosing to play defensively have several abilities at their disposal to mitigate damage. Whether it be distorting the air around him to reduce his opponents chance to hit, or draining enemies of their stamina and mana. The Dark Templar can use their mana to mitigate damage, draining mana instead of taking direct damage. Using unholy magic a Templar can bring the very shadows to life to assist them in combat.

Those who wish to harm their foes can wield a Talisman and increase their melee capabilities. Mastering this simple item can allow the Templar to cast various Hexes on his opponents, healing himself and causing minor damage, or dealing more damage without healing. The damage oriented Templar can reduce his foes susceptibility to spiritual spell damage, while dealing a decent amount of damage.

The Dark Templar has unholy Covenenants and Auras at his disposal. Covenenants only affect the Templar and can increase his tanking or damage dealing capabilities. Auras allow for his allies to deal additional unholy damage, or to heal themselves of minor wounds when struck.


Dark Templars have a natural affinity for taking reduced magical damage and are often required to tank foes that specialize in spellcasting. Using their Covenenants to empower themselves, and Auras to benefit their allies, the Templar is essential to any raid. Most Dark Templars will be expected to have the Dread Shadow feat at the end of the Deprevation tree, the ability is essential to completely prevent damage to the tank for several seconds.

Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer