Dead Man's Hand
Level 50 - 80 (Scales)
Dead Mans Hand 1.jpg
Region Turan
Type Dungeon
Connections Coast of Ardashir

A dynamic solo instance in the Savage Coast of Turan pack is the dangerous pirate island of Dead Man's Hand. This instance scales to your level between 50 and 80 and can be played in the same rotations as Age of Conan's other daily instances.

Players are sent to the island by Conan's old ally, Artus, and the narrative ties into part of the greater storyline that players will discover in and around the city of Ardashir. Artus wants the players' assistance in rooting out a traitor within his own ranks. The player must investigate events on the island and interrogate the characters that are suspected of being involved in the betrayal.
The pirates have made their home on the island despite the presence of indigenous savages who live in the swamps in the center of the island. These dangerous primitives have some strange rituals and are a constant threat to the pirate encampments.
The island has some fantastic visual diversity. Despite the almost tropical location, the skies are blackened by the constant ash cloud that belches out from the volcano on the island. This also means that there are thermal springs that create dangerously hot geysers in the arid rock valley that sits beyond the main pirate encampment.

Resurrection Points[edit | edit source]

Dead Man's Hand has the following resurrection points:

  • Beach (689, 673)
  • Crater (457, 689)
  • Hillside (559, 491)
  • Swamp (665, 411)
  • Docks (537, 836)

Quests starting in Dead Mans Hand[edit | edit source]

Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
All that Glitters is Not Gold Collect Chest from cave (262, 461) Dead Bird may be redeemed in Dragon's Spine for Stygian Sand Hawk pet Talk to Zormayel

Quests involving Dead Man's Hand[edit | edit source]

  • The Weakling, the Warrior, and the Wanton
  • Might Makes Right
  • Place Where There Were No Graves
  • TBA

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Location Role(s)
Mondegor 475, 292 Starts a Quest Chain
Quartermaster Drostan 355, 613 First Step in "The Weakling, the Warrior, and the Wanton"
Accalia 687, 268 Second step in "The Weakling, the Warrior, and the Wanton"
Vayaspara 625, 594

Third step in "The Weakling, the Warrior, and the Wanton"

Media[edit | edit source]

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