This addon is somewhat a compilation of other addons like Viper's Group Window, Mirage UI's guild window and the Small Horizontal Combo Sequence Monitor, Wiker's Portrait part from his UI and the only modified one is the DemonOz UI. I thank Ozzyrys the creator of DemonOz UI for letting me use his graphics which I changed some of it and added some and changed the layout some.

This addon has an option to choose from 2-bottom bars, 3-bottom bars or 4-bottom bars with a right side bar or without the right side bar. You can assign buttons to the bars with a limit on the 4-bottom bars.

Should support all resolutions now since v0.5

Please read the README file to see how to install it. If any problems or other wishes do not hesitate to ask but it will not mean it will be added because it might not be possible or I can just be to lazy but I will let you know if I will added or not and the reason to why if it will not appear.

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