Currently there are two versions Available: standard one with two center hot bars AND version with one center hot bar. Mod was initially written for personal use under 1280x1024 resolution for Demonologist class. With time I added support for higher resolutions and wide screen as well as melee class features.

What it does:

   - custom tribal-like textures for ACTION BARS, MINIMAP, CHARACTER PORTRAIT and TARGET PORTRAIT
   - 45 bindable buttons
   - resized inventory window
   - flame-like casting bar
   - smaller top tabs
   - minimap stripped from unneeded buttons
   - target name font changed to cooler one
   - reorganized whole placement:
         o minimap moved to lower right corner
         o lag meter on minimap
         o bufflist moved to right side of screen and changed to display 25full size buffs
         o social buttons moved to lower left corner
         o pet window moved next to bufflist

What it does not: I won't change those part of UI whose are known to be changed in nearest future which include following:

   - anything with friend/guild list
   - chat window
   - party window

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