There was a preview of Ranged combat in Clan of Conan. You can read the preview here!

Clan of Conan, 29 June 2007

There's an article at the Community Site about ranged combat. You find it here

Community Site, 10th March 2006

The goal with ranged combat is not to make it only for Counter Strike and Quake Experts but to give the feeling of control and aiming at your opponent and filling them with arrows. The idea with hit locations is to give archers options besides just damage. Maybe I shoot the guy in the leg and he slows down, Maybe I hit him in the head or helmet and daze him or do extra damage. Maybe if I shoot him in the gut he bleeds, or the arm and he has trouble swinging his sword. Point being I cant pick out to hit the guy in the arm at 100 meters, hit him in general, yeah but "headshot" not likely.

Forums, 2nd February 2006 (Athelan)

We do have archery based classes but I do not believe they will be pet based.

Forums, 14th November 2005 (Athelan)

There will be a need for ammunition but we do not want to make it a burden. There will likely be some sort of interface crosshair type indicator, we cannot expect people to sight down the arrow and guess. There will likely be some sort of zoom as well but it will be done well and more in line with how you focus on your target rather than having a sniper scope. It will be done in a tasteful, heroic, and realistic way just like everything else but it will be easy to learn and difficult to master which means basic aiming aids need to be available.

Forums, 23rd September 2005 (Athelan)

Well specialized archer classes could potentially help form ranks of even non archer types to boost their skills and they could get formation bonus's while in these defensive type formations on walls etc. So then even if you were not an archer you could take part as one and the more experts you had the more powerful the unit would be.

Forums, 20th September 2005 (Athelan)