Developer quotes[]

Depending on what you drink, for instance, if you drink beer your stats will change in a certain way and if you drink wine your stats will change in a certain way, and so on. And all your equipment, your original stats, it wont matter at all. Your level wont matter. And then it's much more of a paper, stone, scissors, where you you drink beer you get that sort of bonus and if you drink wine you get that sort of bonus over the other guy. It really depends on how much wine did you drink, how much beer did you drink, and how much wine and beer did the other guy drink. So it's sort of like a very very complex and detailed paper, stone, scissors sort of game.

Erling Ellingsen, 25th June 2007 [1]

The first tavern you can brawl in is right there on Tortage I believe :)

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

Most of the taverns in Age of Conan will be PvP zones, but the system will be quite different than that in the outside world. Rather than sword battles and duels to the death, players will instead swig mugs of ale and smack each other over the head with cups and broken table legs. Losing the battle doesn't mean death -- it just means getting tossed out by the bouncers. There will be no levels in bar fights. Everybody from level 20 to 80 will be on an even playing field.

Gamespy, 25th April 2006 (Gaute Godager)

Drunken brawling is automatically switched on in bars / festivals etc when:

a) you enter such a place b) you buy and drink an alcoholic beverage

Then, you can no longer fight with your normal abilities, spells, levels, skills etc. All normal RPG rules are totally thrown out the window, as you toss those drinks down. You are yourself, alone with your wits (or lack thereof) and a barstool in both hands. A level 1 is as powerful in drunken brawling mode as a level 80.

You swing, score and reduce the consciousness of the opponent. Drinking a lot might make you less conscious, but then again, you might chose to disregard any puny glass bottles broken over your head. How much, how fast and what you drink make you fine-tune that drunkenness. During this stupor, you actually get access to other special moves that are not available in normal combat, like nasty head butts, haymakers and so on.

If you drink the right type of beverage, you might get something called "bliss" that will reduce all damage done to you. You might also "sway" a lot more, making you harder to hit. But your "focus" and "brawling" skill might go down, along with your ability to hit. You fight, kick, brawl and pass out. It is all part of the normal life in a Hyborian bar or inn.

IGN, 21st November 2005 (Gaute Godager)

The other type of PvP is something very unique and Conanesque, and it's simply called "brawling". It is only turned on for drunken players who frequent bars and inns. Here, you fight with other stats than the regular level abilities, and the system is based around how much you drink, what type of brawling weapon you're holding (table, bottle, stool, etc.) as well as other abilities. The object here is simply to drink yourself satisfyingly intoxicated, and smash down your fellow bar-brawling drunkards in an all out fun and games setting. Nothing serious, only for fun.

IGN, 11th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)