Developer quotes[]

Crafting has been mechanically functional for about a year.

Forums, 16th August 2007 (Jayde) [1]

Crafting will have a separate 20-level tier system and five levels of item quality. While everyone can craft, the highest quality items will be reserved for guild crafters with a town. Interestingly, players don't get experience for creating items. Instead, each level is achieved by going on a quest.

Gamespy, 25th April 2006 (Gaute Godager)

What crafters will do is offer players flexibility for different situations. Crafted weapons will have enhancement slots for gems that give player weapons different powers and do different damage types. This means that many of the game's big boss fights will be impossible without crafted weaponry.

Gamespy, 25th April 2006 (Gaute Godager)

Crafters can create weapons, armor, potions, siege weapons, houses/walls, PvP specialist equipment, or weapon and armor enhancements.

Gamespy, 25th April 2006 (Gaute Godager)

As far as crafting and other lets say social non combat driven game mechanics. While we want to see these things happen, they are not the focus. Star Wars Galaxies and Horizons focused on social dynamics and crafting to the point that most of the rest of the game suffered from it. I am not saying the social aspects of Conan will suffer, but I am saying that if I have to make choices between those things and something I consider to be core to the game and the world I will choose the latter.

Forums, 11th April 2006 (Athelan)

no, we don't intend to have "critical failure" on tradeskills...e.g. "poof, sorry to see your hard-found components blow up because of an unlucky dice roll!" I hate that personally, and really find it frustrating.

Forums, 17th February 2006 (Jayde)

In regard to the "time" issue, the factor I'm mostly considering in terms of balancing is gathering time for the resources vs. our average drop times/values for "farming" in a similar amount of time.

For example (totally made up numbers): In an hour of farming, a player will get, on average, 100 gold in vendorable drops. In an hour of gathering, a player can get enough tradeskill resources to build 2 items. Those items should have the raw sell value to a vendor of roughly the same amount of money as the farming. Also, any buyable components in the tradeskill are balanced on this, so the contribution from that buyable is balanced to the money/hr budget.

This is the goal, at least.

As far as the "rare components" go, there will be different ways to get these, depending on the component in question... often, it will just be a random lower chance when gathering normal materials. For instance, you gather some wood, and out of those 10 wood drops maybe you found 1 "rare" wood. Other possibilities for rare compoenents are drops off mobs or quest objectives...this will vary from resource to resource.

On the issue of "uber items", there -will- be better drops in Conan from harder encounters or tradeskills, as stated before. Not all weapons will be the same. Some weapons will be better. This isn't going to go away. Some armor crafted from the scales of some uberhard boss will result in a better piece of armor than what is crafted from a few pieces of this-and-that you picked up while gathering for a few minutes.

I have to agree with Vilje that just because there are differences doesn't mean that they will always be huge differences... however, there will be incentive to grow one's character and get hard-to-obtain things because they are higher quality than some rusty sword you picked up in Tortage.

Anyway, I don't think there is any reason to make "easier" to make tradeskills better than drops when tradeskills already have the innate bonus of being flexible. Tradeskills will probably always be in high demand simply due to the socketing system and that each item can be tailored to the specific desires of the player--in theory.

Forums, 17th February 2006 (Jayde)

First off, let me preface by saying that the exact balance of this has not been finalized yet... I still am working on evaluating all the mod budgets as well as the tradeskill items right now.

I think my current plan for the general relative power of tradeskill items is something like:

Basic Drops < Basic Tradeskills < Good Drops < Good Tradeskills (w/ full quality Gems/max slots) < Uber Drops (special, highly difficult encounters) < Uber Tradeskills (special, highly rare components)

The current rationale from this on my part is that tradeskilling will take effort, and thus the end result has the advantage of being customizable (through Gems), which is a plus. With maxed out gems/slots (rare components) the result should be slightly better than standard good drop rewards. These will not, however, be better than Uber/Epic drops--although the customization will probably be rather worthwhile. Later, of course, phasing in Uber/Epic tradeskills is the intention as well.

Also note that the difference levels are yet to be totally nailed down, so it's not always a huge gap between the stated list...and each gap isn't always the same size as another gap.

Time is the key balancing factor I'm working off here... how much time does it take to make a basic TS item VS. how much time it takes to kill a sub-boss or boss VS. how much time it takes to get "rare" materials VS. how much time it takes to kill an epic boss VS. etc. etc. etc... The relative power of the item should be somewhat related to the time investment of the action of getting the item, or the components related to crafting the item. Time is money in an MMO, so time will somewhat dictate the power of tradeskill items compared to what you could get in a similar amount of time if you were trying to get a drop.

Again: This is preliminary and I'm just trying to give a bit of info. It is quite subject to change as I tinker with the numbers over the coming months.

P.S. This is preliminary.

P.P.S. This is subject to change.

< P.P.P.S. Bet you said I was going to say this was subject to change again. (Well, it is! )

Forums, 16th February 2006 (Jayde)

Yes, we have social classes and trader classes. These are available to any player, but only from level 40. Conan has a major focus on action, violence and exploration in the beginning. Getting to level 40 should be fairly easy, though, and once there, people can chose from four different social/prestige classes. Here you can build houses, weapons, armor, jewelry, potions or other consumables.

Ogaming, 20th January 2006 (Gaute Godager)

The way it is currently intended/invisioned to work is this: the gem/socket system is primarily used in conjunction with the tradeskill system. Tradeskilled armor/weapons will, by default, typically have no mods, but a certain amount of gem slots based on the quality of materials used to produce and level of the item. Gems themselves are also tradeskilled (by different people) and can be used to customize the tradeskilled items.

Just fair warning, at this stage other systems may be mixed and matched in, things may be changed or cut... but this is the way we're hoping for it to work as of now. (And given that I've just gotten done making massive spreadsheets for this stuff, I'm hoping it all makes it into the final product.)

Forums, 2nd January 2006 (Jayde)

It is not true to say that the items crafted will always be better than what the players can find through quests or from monsters. The items crafted will have a very special value, they are flexible. This special role is only held by crafted items. The player-made equipment (armor, jewelry or weapons) will have so called “gem-slots” where players can upgrade their equipment to suit any particular situation.”

If a monster requires a special type of specialized gear, crafted gear is the way to go. This option, of flexibility and adaptability, leave the players with less irritation. The player made gear will not have to compete with equipment from other situations, but rather let the various methods fill different roles.

In addition to normal gear, the players can make potions, siege weapons or even buildings. The raw-material for crafting will be found in the specialized ‘Resource and Building’ regions. These are larger, more dynamic areas focused around player interaction and building.

It will not be possible for a player to only be a crafter. Though we do have an additional crafting leveling system (20 crafting levels) these are not available to the player until level 40 adventuring level, as you get access to your crafting abilities through your prestige / social class. Having said that, our level curve up to level 40 is very casual friendly, and even your mom will be able to get there.

PC.Gamezone, 22nd September 2005 (Gaute Godager)

It's really too early to go into detail on it, but we currently intend to have tradeskilled items that when complete will fit into one of the tiers. Depending on the tradeskillers skill, the quality and type of components etc the result will have different stats. We intend to have the tradeskill system flexible, so you can choose the stats for the item in question.

As for unique looks, that depends. Certainly a low tier sword will look different from a tradeskilled high tier sword, but we are putting our fabolous graphics people to work on things that have the most visual implact. You'll probably see more distinct variations in shields then in daggers as an example.

Forums, 18th August 2005, (DaveDread)

There are several non-combat activities for the player to participate in, though you rarely do it without having skull crushing in mind, in one form or the other. First off, we have resource gathering and crafting, which can be done in the massive resource and building regions. There are four world-based resources that the players need a lot of- gold nuggets, iron ore, stone slabs and wood. These are gathered with an active interaction. Additional crafting ingredients can be found in all the normal ways - gathering, drops, etc. The ingredients can be combined at special locations if they are advanced, or directly in your inventory for simple stuff like bandages, etc.

IGN, 22th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)

In Conan, the crafted equipment is slated to hold a very special place in the object hierarchy. The player-made items are the only ones where you can insert socket gems - thus their role will be that of flexibility and adaptability. The crafting system is a no-nonsense, quick approach where the focus is on being quick and usable, not quasi-realistic.

IGN, 11th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)