We will have a few styles of duel wielding.

Forums, 2nd December 2005 (Athelan)

Duel wielding will not be functionally different than other melee as far as input is concerned. We had the option of having the offhand sort of animate seperately but I made the decision to instead incorporate the duel wielding as unique styles rather than sword animations with additive offhand attacks as an example. This way we get more interesting duel wield specific moves. To start with I want unique styles for dual daggers, sword/mace/axe and dagger, and dual swords/mace/axe

Forums, 5th December 2005 (Athelan)

I believe I have said this before but I have made a concious decision when it comes to the presentation of duel wielding in age of conan. It consists of three unique weapon styles, dual dagger, off hand dagger, and duel non dagger. This is because I feel that in most games the offhand simply happens occasionally and does not feel a part of the style of using the weapon. While limited to some extent in its usefulness as people have mentioned when duel wielding there is specific uses for the second weapon. Regarding the Soldier comment in the original post however, I dont really seeing it make sense for all classes as an example to have the option of dual wielding, soldier as we have stated is more disciplined more military and I don't think there are many examples where complete "armies" are trained specifically with two weapon fighting.

Forums, 23rd May 2006 (Athelan)