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Roleplay reasons I like having food Money sink reasons I like having food I dont want my character to be tomagochi(sp?) or like a sims character where I have to lead him around and make sure he eats and showers and is happy :P

Forums, 31st August 2005 (Athelan)

The way we are currently looking at implementing food is that it will potentially add to both max HP/MP/SP, and out of combat generation as a longer-duration buff. (Different food will be weighted differently between them.. some high regen, low max...some low regen, high max.) The goal here being, of course, avoiding the "sit and eat" thing after every battle, as the act of eating itself won't actually do anything for you. The system may change, but that's the current system being worked with.

That said, being "well fed" (or whatever) will probably be something most people want to do to either be somewhat buffed up and/or reduce downtime.

Forums, 17th December 2005 (Jayde)

What I like about the current system we're moving towards is that it allows players some freedom as to what "kind" of food they prefer to eat.. do they want to eat something that impacts their Stamina or their Health? Do they want to eat something that gives them better recovery (regen) or better overall capacity (max)? Do they want to go for an all-around approach?

With the current budget, these effects should provide a *huge* bonus, but should be something enough that most teams would want to sit around and eat/drink together every so often. I think it rides the line between being good enough that people will want to do it, but not too intrusive that players will be doing it all the time, non-stop. (Come on, people aren't *that* hungry!)

Forums, 20th December 2005 (Jayde)

I think to me it's a balance between making it a part of gameplay, while also not making it too burdensome... I don't want to see players eating between every fight--because that's not fun--but I also don't want to see players having to stop to eat in the middle of just chatting with a friend mostly idle.

< The good thing about using "buffs" (however they are presented--which may or may not be similar to a normal buff) is that we can tweak the duration and effects to fit what feels right in terms of gameplay flow. I think right now we're aiming towards 30 minute effects, but that's probably not final. (I feel, for instance, that 10 minute "well fed" buffs are too short term to be worth it and make players feel like they have to eat before every big fight...instead of preparing them getting prepared for the journey ahead.)

As for PvP, I don't think you will find the magnitude of these buffs to be nearly to the point of being tide-turning... of course, if two players were identical in every way, the smallest edge could win the battle--but, in general, it will probably be a small enough impact as to not penalize people for chain-eating.

Forums, 21st December 2005 (Jayde)