Developer quotes[]

Will there be a live team focusing on creating new content for those that choose to participate in the MMO portion of the game?

Oh, yes. But also sequels and expansion packs building on new regions of the Hyborian world.

IGN, 11th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Combat is at the cornerstone of the experience in Conan, and we have focused a lot on coming up with a great real-time combat system. There will however be a multitude of additional features in the game, and that includes things like player-made houses, guild houses and crafting (once you get further in the game). Exploration and going on adventures is a vital part of the game, and we hope to give you some amazing experiences traveling through Hyboria. We are pulling all the plugs in terms of graphical beauty, world design and the sounds and music which will surround you, so exploring in Conan will hopefully become a journey like you have never seen before in an online RPG., 10th November 2005 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

The game is designed to be approachable by people with varying schedules. It does not mean the game has been dumbed down or restricted to not include enough content for people who want to play all the time or play "hardcore"

Forums, 29th May 2006 (Athelan)