In Age of Conan most healing will be HoT, that allows healers to do other things that standing away from the battle healing other players, such as dealing DPS. Even the Priest of Mitra who is the most pure healer of the Priest archetype in Age of Conan can do damage and heal when grouped and in raid. Priest`s also have the ability to cast AoE healing spells.

The classes that are able to heal in Age of Conan will be every class in the Priest archetype, and Dark Templar.

Developer quotes[]

Priests will heal their allies, how this is presented visually we will see. But Priests will not be relegated to standing there "spamming" heals and I highly doubt you will ever see "OK guys we need a 2 second complete heal chain set your macros" "Healing so and so next person in chain is up" "Healing so and so next person in chain is up"

Can't really say anything more at this time.

Forums, 26th October 2005 (Athelan)