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Anyways, we aim to have a logical loot system. If you slay an clubwielding pict, he shouldn't drop a halbard. He should drop the club he was wielding or if you are lucky, a slightly better blunt weapon. If you kill a wolf, he shouldn't drop a kite shield. For loot, as with items in generafor a decent level of realism, tho I can't guarantee anything of course. We are making an effort tho.

Personally I like if mobs drop what they have equipped, but it'll be overwhelming to have every mob drop everything they have equipped... how many dirty pict loincloths do a player really want? In a few minutes of combat, there will be a lot of corpses lying about. More fun if you know that the loot you get is useful methinks.

Forums, 12th August 2005, (DaveDread)

So I am level 80 and I can kill a level 40 smacktalker but I wont be able to loot him because he is outside my tier and I could get a bounty for it, but if he was really being a jerk it would be worth it.

But if I am level 32 and the smacktalker is 40 I can fight him at the same tier level and when I win I can loot items from his inventory. Makes decent sense, also keeps a group of lower tiers swarming a higher tier and looting them as well.

Forums, 23rd September 2005 (Athelan)

Like has been stated before, we probably won't have identical mapping between the MOB and what they drop--that's just too much micromanagement to be practical from a design perspective. However, we will certainly be making an effort to break up the loot into "groups" of loot that make more sense based on the type of MOB (humanoid vs. demon vs. animal vs. etc.) and also potentially the culture of the humanoid. (e.g. Vanir NPCs may have a chance of dropping something Vanir-looking, while other MOBs may not.) We are also looking into breaking up the loot into some groups based on which country (Aquilonia, Stygia, and Cimmeria) the item is found in.

Forums, 2nd January 2006 (Jayde)

The problem with a What-you-see-is-what-you-get loot system is that it becomes a micromanagement nightmare. Then we'd have to make sure that we have perfectly balanced amounts of crossbowmen and daggerwielding assassins. Adding a few more guards around a Vanir camp in Cimmeria would mean that we'd have to add more archers in Stygia. It's sweet in theory but becomes unwieldy in practice.

As Jayde says, we'll try to put loot in logical groups, and of course special encounters will be more wysiwyg so to speak. A pict scout will probably drop a pictish item, but not the exact same one he was wearing/wielding.

Forums, 3rd January 2006 (DaveDread)