Developer quotes[]

The mounted combat will come in two forms. First, you can fight from horseback with almost any weapon. You'll move quicker, but you won't have as many combat options. You can't strafe with a horse, for instance. Second, you can access special moves which include charges that have a fair chance of flinging your opponent around as you thunder past.

As with any NPC player follower, the mount can be beaten unconscious, and can not be revived until the end of battle.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

There will be a variety of mounts, and yes we plan on having passengers as well as riders.

Forums, 30th September 2005 (Athelan)

Another type of differentiation is that we have formation and mounted combat. In Conan, mounts of different types can be used in battle to fight for a distinct advantage. The speed of your mount, what mount you have and how you hold your weapon help define the amount of damage you do, and if you hit. This is one form of tactical combat advantage you can gain.

IGN, 21st November 2005 (Gaute Godager)

There will be mounted ranged combat however you wont have access to everything while mounted.

Forums, 8th April 2006 (Athelan)

In Conan, I need to say for the first time in any MMO, mounted fighting actually means something. A mount is not only a way to move from A-B quickly, in Conan you do more damage with your weapons as you move faster. As you mount your horse (it can also be a camel or a mammoth) and then enter combat, you can hold your weapon over the side and swing as you are close to your enemy. It is then not only the skill with your weapon or the type of weapon you wield, but also the speed of your mount that determines how much damage you do...

Different weapons will also behave differently as you ride. You can use a lance or spear to destroy your opponent, ride them down or simply sit with your horse and swing from left to right. Mounted combat is not as easy as it sounds though. Hitting your opponent is harder and the horse is not so easy to control. It requires both character and player skill.

ShackNews, 16th June 2006 (Gaute Godager)