Developer quotes[]

The reason we call Conan an Online Action RPG is because it takes game-play a level above what most people categorize as an "MMORPG". It seems this is a point of confusion but as Dave mentioned earlier we are looking at an expansive world, and one of REH.

Conan is not a step down from a standard massively multiplayer online role-playing game to a more simplified result, instead Conan is a step up to the addition of more interactive and action driven game-play ontop of the stereotypical features of games placed in this genre.

I feel that we as the developement team have put a great deal of effort into sharing with the community and far more detail and personal opinion has been discussed then I have encountered previously. These are not alpha/beta only secret Forums, this is our community this is public and yet there are open discussions with developers here. That is something to be commended in my opinion, yet I understand your thirst for more information and more answers.

The world of Robert E. Howards Conan is large enough to create countless numbers of expansions, discussion as to what expansions may include would be a pointless waste of time. I want our focus to be on making Conan the fantastic experience is should be before worrying about adding additional content and areas. Make Conan successful and I will guarantee that expanding the game will come :) .

I hope that this will help some of those who are concerned about the game.

Forums, 19th October 2005 (Athelan)

Conan will be a more "typical" persistant online world than something like Guild Wars. We do intend on having instancing for the perposes of dungeons and limiting of crowds, but in general you should find the game's nature to be similar to what can be expected from a "normal" MMORPG. That is not to say that the gameplay (e.g. "Online Action RPG") will be similar to typical MMOs, but the persistance and general world nature should be.

Forums, 21st November 2005 (Jayde)