Giving rewards from your own/the guilds pockets is fine. That's basically just a transfer of items/money between players. I doubt we'll create a system like that tho, it is easier and more flexible to just have the players handle the whole thing by themselves... any framework we provide will be too limited and not suitable for the cool whatever you players will want to do. We will not have a system where players gain xp/money created by the game, that is when even a small flaw in the system will have very grave repercussions.

Forums, 11th October 2005, (DaveDread)

It is very very difficult, even thought impossible, to make a MMO system that can handle players giving out quests, judging the success and giving xp or gold as a reward. Some players will find a flaw in the system and then exploit it to hell and yonder, leading to too high xp/money gain. No matter how hard we try, if the players handle the success/failure of quests we cannot design a system that is 100% safe, and the repercussions of it not being safe will virtually break the game.

If players choose to handle the whole thing by themselves, that is of course fine. We want to encourange that. But having a system in place for it is very unlikely.

Forums, 10th October 2005, (DaveDread)