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The Conan license is a brutal and gritty universe with raw violence, dark magic, evil gods and strong warriors. To water down the feel of the universe was for sure not something we wanted to do, and we are thus trying to be as true to the spirit of Conan as we can be. We are fans after all ;p . We expect the rating for the game to be mature, but at the same time we are not speculating in the violence and brutality.

You shouldn't, for instance, be able to spray the ground with the blood gushing out from the artery of a fallen enemy, but you should be able to behead a demon or two. As for women Gaute and the team are trying to take Conan into the 21st century, and you will find that women are just as strong as the men!, 8th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)

The rating is based on the game, we’re not designing the game to fit a rating..if that makes sense.Conan fans know the world is bloody and know it’s not a safe haven for kiddies.We decided it was best to not try to water down the content to appease the ratings boards as it would just feel wrong to do so. Howard’s world was violent and sinful so the game will be too. We’re not going to add in gratuitious violence for the shock value , but Heads are going to roll and that’s just the way it is by Crom!

MMORPG.COM 2nd September 2005 (Terri Perkins)

We are definitively going for the mature audience in Conan, and to be honest I don’t think anything else would have cut it. I mean, it’s Conan, you are supposed to be brutal and barbaric in this universe, right? ;P) We also see that the average online RPG player is close to 28 years (27,2 years in Anarchy Online). If I am not all mistaken the average overall gamer is now 24 years old, so the majority of the gamers are hence adults. So, even though we might be the first I doubt if we will be the last. I think more and more online games will have more mature themes. After all, as a service provider we should deliver what the customers want, and we feel certain our mature audience deserves mature content. That said, the decision to go for a mature rating will most likely make it harder for us to fit into certain retail chains (and so forth and so on), but this is a calculated risk to make sure we deliver a game according to the dark and brutal vision of Robert E. Howard., 10th November 2005 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

In terms of features, it means NPCs will swear and call you "filthy dog", there will be brothels in many cities, all monsters will have the ability to die a powerful, violent death, and blood is abundant. We'll see how it pans out, but I guess I should point out we aren't adding profanities, sex, drugs and drinking to achieve the M rating. We simply want to stay true to the Hyborian vision. If anything, we're toning it downsomewhat.

IGN, 21st November 2005 (Gaute Godager)

It is extremely unlikely there will be anything in the way overt sexual activity in Age of Conan. 'Sexy' and mature story and world aspects yes, but certainly nothing like you are hinting at.

Yes we are aiming for the game to be classified as a Mature game, but the 'M' rating does not allow for any overt sexual acivity to be depicted, and getting an 'Adults Only' rating kills a game in US retail, something we would not want to do with Age of Conan, besides which it is not the focus of the game! We are not making an 'Adults Only' game.

So whilst of course Conan himself was undeniably a hit with many of the ladies he encountered thats not an aspect of the barbarian life that the game will feature in an explicit manner.

Forums, 31st December 2005 (Silirrion)

Harrasment is harrasment pure and simple, our support staff will take the same view of it that they do in our existing game and incidents will be investigated and actions taken as appropriate.

Just because the game will most likely have a mature rating does not mean that it will be an excuse for malcontents to be abusive. Players will still be expected to observe social guidelines that will include but not be limited to, not using excessive public profanity, not using racial or sexual profanity, not harrasing other players or generally being abusive or disruptive to the gameplay enjoyment of others.

Idiots can always try and claim the 'I was roleplaying' line, but from experience it is usually very clear when the line between honest roleplaying and harrasment has been crossed.

The guys leading up our support staff also have four plus years of experience with handling these situations within Anarchy Online so you will be in safe hands in that regards.

The rating of the game will in no way prevent us from enforcing social guidelines where appropriate.

Forums, 5th January 2006 (Silirrion)

I'll restate this again as it is an important point, we are not intending to have any sexually explicit content in Age of Conan and are happy that we will be able to stay true to Howard's vision of Hyboria without offending modern sensibilities.

Yes, we will have mature themes and storylines. Yes, there will be a suitably hyborian showing of flesh (both male and female), but there will not be anything that would put us at risk of being rated higher then 'M' in the US.

Forums, 20th May 2006 (Silirrion)