• Real Name: Lord El-Ron
  • Identity: Demi-God
  • Occupation: Sorcerer, Tyrant
  • Group Membership: None
  • Affiliations: Jaggta-Noga, the Troll of the Bridge, two demon-guardians, another unnamed demon, a bat, some guards, some human servants
  • Enemies: Conan, Karanthes, Red-Sonja
  • Known Relatives: Zukala (father), Zephra (sister)
  • Aliases: None
  • Base of Operations: Zukala Castle in Zamora
  • Powers/Abilities: El-Ron was a good swordsman. He also claimed he knew some lesser spells. He knew how to summon demons and creatures from other dimensions and his father from the netherworld. He also spoke to a bat, so probably knew other kinds of spells. It is unknown if he had some other special abilities due to the fact that he was son of a minor God.
  • History:


Zukala, a minor God in his human form generated a son: El-Ron. Zukala abandoned El-Ron's mother (probably in Zingara) before El-Ron was born, taking Zephra with him, so El-Ron didn't know his father nor his sister Zephra.

In Zingara, El-Ron was trained by the best masters in fencing and became a good swordsman.

When he was 20-30 years old he learned about his heritage left by the disappeared Zukala. Through unspecified means he inherited some spells and enchantments from his father. He contacted his father in another dimension and set a plan up, to prepare a new human host who Zukala would have to possess in order to return to Earth. It is unknown when they decided that the new host would be El-Ron's as-yet unborn son.

Zukala took two servants with him and left to take posses of Zukala Castle and of the surrounding lands. During the journey they were attacked by three Zamorian bandits. Red Sonja helped El-Ron to kill them all. El-Ron pretended to be charmed by the beautiful Hyrkanian and asked her to become his wife. So he had to duel with her to win her hand. He won, but he didn't know that Sonja had been paid by Karanthes to loss the duel.

El-Ron took possession of the Castle and started the preparations for the wedding. He evoked some minor demons and placed them at the borders of the land he controlled. The demons were guardians of his house and also taxmen, like the Troll who asked the payment for the crossing of a bridge. The people living there found out that El-Ron was more tyrannical than Zukala.



Meanwhile Red Sonja had contacted Karanthes, Priest of Ibis, to have him celebrate the wedding ceremony. Karanthes accepted, with the intention to sabotage Zukala's plans of reincarnation in his grandson's body.

One day, Red Sonja and Karanthes were escorted by Conan to the Castle for the wedding. El-Ron welcomed his guests and they dined together. Under Red-Sonja's request El-Ron sent Conan away from the Castle. Hiding in the shadows, El-Ron ordered a bat to warn Jaggta-Noga not to harm the Cimmerian when he was leaving the Castle.

Zukala uses his son's dead body. When Karanthes left the dinner, El-Ron hypnotized Red-Sonja and started to pronounce a spell to contact Zukala in the netherworld.

El-Ron succeeded in contacting Zukala who revealed his godly face. Meanwhile, the demon Jaggta-Noga captured Conan, who had returned to the Castle. El-Ron ordered Jaggta-Noga to bring Conan to his world, the Lost Land.

The next day the wedding ceremony started. Karanthes performed the rite. El-Ron was bored. However, Karanthes waited for the time to allow Conan to free himself from the Jaggta-Noga's dimension and return to the Castle through a mystic portal opened by the demon. El-Ron ordered his guards to cut the Cimmerian's throat, but soon he had to personally draw his sword against Conan and Sonja, who revealed her double-game. El-Ron was killed while dueling with Conan. Then Zukala casted a spell to use his son's body and recalled all the demons controlled by his son. Red-Sonja wounded El-Ron's body several times but it only stopped fight when Conan cut his head, breaking the spell and sending Zukala away from the Earth.

Source: Marvunapp