Epic ArmorEdit

Epic (or Tiered) Armor, is the best possible armor available to be collected. Each class has it's own set, and within the Epic armours, there are levels of quality. See here for Epic Weapons.

Tier 1Edit

This is the most basic of the Epic armours, and can be gained from the Tier 1 raid bosses or in exchange for Simple Relics I:

  • Kylikki (and her Honourguard)
  • Vistrix
  • Yahkmar

Epic Sets:

Tier 2Edit

The next level of Epic armour. These can be found droppping off the bosses in Black Ring Citadel (BRC) or in exchange for Simple Relics II:

Wing 1

Wing 2

Wing 3

Epic Sets:

Tier 3Edit

Tier 3 armor can be obtained in Thoth-Amons Stronghold or in exchange for Simple Relics III.

Epic Sets:

Tier 3 also provides the opportunity for Black Dragon Full Plate Armor.

Tier 4Edit

Tier 4 armor can be obtained in The Jade Citadel.

Epic Sets:

Khitai ArmorEdit

Khitai Epic Armor can be obtained in several ways - From Tier 4 Raids in Jade Citadel (see above), in exchange for Rare tokens, in exchange for Marks of Acclaim and as drops in Khitai 6-man Dungeon Godslayer Modes. Which pieces you want / require determines what tokens and dungeons you will need to farm. The permutations are as follows:

Epic Wrists & Feet = In exchange for Marks of Acclaim (Faction Armor)

Epic Helm & Chest = In exchange for Rare Trophies (Dungeon Armor)

Epic Shoulders, Hands, Belt, Legs = Specific 6-man Dungeons (Random Drops)

Unlike the regular T1, T2 and T3 gear, obtaining a full Epic Khitai Set can involve getting pieces with different names, and from different Factions (if so desired). As such the list below merely lists the complete set by faction, rather than by name.

Epic Khitai Sets:


Dark Templar:



Bear Shaman:


Tempest of Set:

Priest of Mitra:

Herald of Xotli:




Relics - Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4Edit