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Attributes, Resistances, and Skills[]

Attributes and Resistances[]

Native to all characters in Age of Conan are the attributes. Every class has them and they will affect your character in multiple ways, such as determining how much health and how much mana you have. The basic attributes – strength, dexterity, constitution, wisdom and intelligence – are automatically raised for you as you level up. Resistances and invulnerabilities are conferred upon player characters only through equipment and feats.

Attributes Resistances and Invulnerabilities
Strength Magical Resist
Dexterity Fire Resist
Stamina Cold Resist
Constitution Electrical Resist
Wisdom Holy Resist
Intelligence Unholy Resist
Poison Resist
Slashing Invulnerability
Piercing Invulnerability
Crushing Invulnerability
Fire Invulnerability
Cold Invulnerability
Electrical Invulnerability
Holy Invulnerability
Unholy Invulnerability
Poison Invulnerability

Skills by Archetype[]

All characters have a set of basic skills applied to their characters. These include, but are not limited to perception, bandaging, renew mana, casting concentration, hiding, climbing and taunt. Whenever you gain a new level you get a small amount of points that you can distribute freely between these different skills. They do not increase through use.

Priest Skills Mage Skills Soldier Skills Rogue Skills
Mana Attractor Mana Attractor Mana Attractor
Bandaging Bandaging Bandaging Bandaging
Casting Concentration Casting Concentration Casting Concentration Climbing
Climbing Climbing Climbing
Renew Mana Renew Mana Renew Mana
Hiding Hiding Hiding Hiding
Perception Perception Perception Perception

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Players have a section of the UI to display current Health/Mana/Stamina. The three stats look to be locked into one panel. Health and mana are self explanatory. Stamina is used while sprinting and determines how long you can sprint for before becoming exhausted. After resting (or perhaps just not sprinting?) stamina is regained and you can sprint again. The text, "You are no longer exhausted" is visible in the chat feedback box. Also for those who have melee attacks, like rogues are depended on their stamina for their combo attacks. Each combo attack cost a certain amount of stamina.