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What Is This I Hear About Censoring The Game?[]

Funcom have stated that while they wish to have a Mature Rated game with blood, gore and sex (no actual sex is displayed in game, only innuendo) some regions will have censored versions based on Country regulations with Germany being the most censored edition.

What about other EU versions or even the US version?[]

It appears that other versions outside of Germany at this stage, will not see much censoring put in place. All censoring though is done client-side and they can turn on/off features like the flick of a switch.

Dev Quote on Topic: Nothing has changed since last time.
We're still in the ratings process.
You can dig up my old posts on the DevTracker, if you like, but to try and be clear, the game was designed with a Mature rating in mind. We have an obligation to comply with rating boards and legal requirements in the countries we're doing business in and we will.
However, since we're still in the ratings process and nothing has been decided, it's a bit premature to be freaking out about censorship/cuts/etc.