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What sort of equipment will players be able to obtain?[]

Just about anything you can think of. When it comes to weapons, you will for instance be able to wield swords, axes, clubs, bows, lances and much more. You'll also be able to equip yourself with defensive equipment such as armor and shields, and when we're already talking about armor, it should be noted that there will be a vast variety of these in Age of Conan. Every race has their specific armor sets, and there are a lot of different ones to choose from. In total there are over 1500 different sets of armor, detailed down to the last bit.

Will there be any items or equipment not related to combat?[]

Yes, of course. Furniture for instance – these are items that can be placed in the houses you build in your player city – and you will also be able to buy different articles of clothing, jewelry and so on. We know how important the social aspects of a MMO is, and try our best to cater for this in the game.

Can anyone use any type of armor or weapon?[]

The ability to equip items is based on class. Armor is divided into 5 subtypes, cloth armor, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, and full plate armor. Each class has a specific subtype designed for it, but can use anything of equal or lesser weight if they wish.

Will items decay over time?[]

No, as of now there are no plans to have item decay in the game. This may or may not be tweaked through testing as it’s essential for MMOs to have “money sinks” to keep a stable and fair economy.

Will players be able to make their own equipment?[]

Yes, there is a complete crafting system in the game. Players can create all sorts of items, and player-made equipment is especially valuable because they are the only ones that can be fitted with special gems that give the character benefits in combat. Whether or not the best equipment is made or found out in the wild is difficult to answer, but we're aiming for the middle-road where there will be advantages and disadvantages to both. Please see the Crafting chapter for more information.

Will there be different kinds of item quality?[]

Yes, absolutely. Items come in different levels of quality, something which is especially true when it comes to player-made items which can be made from materials and resources which also have different levels of quality. Statistics like damage output is very much dependent on item quality.

If the combat system is largely based on human skill, what do weapon statistics do?[]

The aspect of human skill is only one part of the combat system. Even though you direct your attacks and do the strikes yourself, you are still dependent on the weapon you use being good enough both in terms of quality and statistics. How and where you strike may be up to you, but the statistics bound to the weapon you're using is determining how much damage you're dealing.

Will there be dual-wielding?[]

Dual wielding is possible yes, but not for every class. The classes that can duel wielda 1 handed blunt and edged weapons are Assassins, Barbarians, and Conquerors.

How will equipment relate to races and nations in the game?[]

In general we're not planning to include any specific equipment which can only be worn by one race. As for the styles of equipment such as weapons and armor, there will be a multitude of different styles both when it comes to the graphical representations of them, how they actually work and where they can be found. There will be regional looks to generic equipment for all the three nations Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia, and there will also be different looks depending on the culture the equipment originates from.