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Will players be able to form guilds in Age of Conan?[]

Yes, there is an extensive guild system in the game. There will be certain requirements for founding a guild such as a certain number of members. Anyone can join a guild, and with a bit of effort, anyone can start one too.

What are the benefits of being in a guild?[]

Apart from the privilege and advantages of being a part of a bigger group of people and feeling the companionship and power that this gives you, being a member of a guild will let you take part in the political struggles of the Border Kingdoms and also gives you a chance to build player-made cities. Only guilds are able to build and conquer battlekeeps in the Border Kingdoms, and only guilds can build player cities. Joining a guild is also a great way of getting together with like-minded people, and it is easier to find others to play with when you are a part of a persistent group of people. There is also a chance that a guild might help you out with weapons and or armor.

Are there any classes that can be particularly helpful for guilds?[]

All characters are essentially helpful to the guild, but the prestige classes have all specific advantages that work well within the guild system. Guilds will be a very important part of Age of Conan and the prestige class system allows players to provide benefits and improvements to their guild. Here are some of the key benefits:

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Will guild members be able to wear guild colors or get guild insignias?[]

It is an aim for us to make sure the guilds can separate themselves visually, but we will get back with more info on this closer to launch. We do recognize the value of being able to show which faction you are a part of, and it is quite natural for guilds to feel pride by flying guild colors – especially when fighting for power and reputation on the battlefield.

Will there be guild vaults for players to store money and items?[]

Yes. We are quite aware that one of the benefits usually tied to being in a guild, is being able to put items or money into a guild vault that can be shared among all the members. There is also a taxation system in place for the guild to use if they want that, where the guild leader set a certain tax percentage that all members have to abide to. When a player gains money in any way – whether it may be through looting or selling items – that percentage of the sum will be taken from the player and put in the guild's treasury.

Can guilds build guild houses?[]

Yes. Players can create entire cities and fill it with different kinds of buildings. There is also a town hall in each city, which should become a gathering point of all guild members when they are in town. We're also thinking about giving players the option to fast-travel back to the guild house from certain points in the world, but this is yet to be decided.

Do you have to be in a guild to progress through the game?[]

No. You don't need to be in a guild to enjoy the game, but for many players this feature will probably be a significant part of the game. Age of Conan is still very much a game that is playable solo, too, and you don't need to team up with players in short-term groups to enjoy the game. We know that people enjoy playing alone as well, so we have done our best to cater for exciting solo PvE gameplay through all the levels. That said, many features of the game will require groups and guilds, especially when it comes to raids, siege PvP and the largest boss encounters.