Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time Instant

Effect Renews 5 percent of Stamina based on Max Stamina every 1 seconds for 5 seconds.

Renews 5 percent of Mana based on Max Mana every 1 second for 5 seconds.
+20% Magic Damage Modifier
+20% Damage Modifier

Effect over Time Sadism (1)

Renews 1 Soul Fragment
Soul Fragment Loss after 20 seconds

Duration 10 Seconds


Fatalities are certain moves a player is able to do to finish off an enemy. Fatalities in Age of Conan consist of decapitations, neck breaking, and various other actions, based on weapon, spell type, and character class.

Spell Fatalities are as follows:
Holy Fatality- The character or NPC is lifted into the air while his soul is ripped from his body, then heaving your opponent bodily to the ground. See Priest of Mitra.
Fire Fatality- Your opponent is consumed in a horrific ball of flames, burning said NPC or character to ash. See Demonologist.
Unholy Fatality- The target falls to their knees with the chains of Hell wrapping about the arms and legs, pulling them to the ground. See Necromancer.
Electrical Fatality- Your unfortunate victim writhes and contorts while the residual effects of electricity flare throughout their body, then falling to the ground cooked. See Tempest of Set.


A Decapitation Fatality