Dark Templar feat tree, Depravity

At the core of the character development system are the feats. Feats allow you to use points gained when levelling up to give your character new capabilities and make existing ones more potent. It can be compared to the talents system found in other games, usually being a tree-shaped system to display the various talents.


Each class has three elaborate and unique feat trees available to them. One is shared with other classes of the same archetype (think of it as a “general” feat tree), while the other two are class-specific feat trees, allowing you to further customize your character, based around what you want to do and how you want to play the game. There are hundreds of different feats in the game and they can do anything from modifying statistics to granting new abilities.

Feat trees aren't designed to define the character or character roles as much as they are there to help you customize your character somewhat and enhance elements you already have. Game designer Evan Michaels said in an interview: "We don’t want to punish you for making the choices that you want. We don’t want to make it so that you feel like you are less effective because you trained a certain series of feats."

There are hundreds of different feats in the game, and you will both choose them as you go and have some automatically assigned to you. Feats can do anything from modifying statistics to controlling which items you are allowed to use. One feat can, for instance, allow you to use a special form of armor, while another feat would allow you to perform certain attacks. The feat system in Age of Conan is extremely elaborate, giving you the chance to create characters that are as unique as yourself.

Obtaining feats[]

As you progress through the game and your character develops, starting at level 10 (and up to level 80), your character is given 1 feat point (FP) every level to assign to one of three feat trees available to their class. Feat trees are included in the game so that each player of the same class will be slightly different as far as how their skills work and how effective they are in combat. Without feats, each class character would be identical, which certainly doesn't add variety and diversity to the gameplay. It's up to you as the player how to make your character different by specializing in the character's different feats.

There are also different feats in the game that will be trained automatically as you gain new levels, specifically the feats that determine what weapons and armor you can use. You also have crafting specific feats, but these are trained by performing crafting quests that will take you from novice to master in your chosen professions.

It is possible to check out a "Feat Calculator" at this link: [1]

Retraining feats[]

Feat Trainer

Minerva, feat trainer at the base of the temple of Mitra

It is possible to retrain feats at special trainers. One such location is at the foot of the temple of Mitra in Old Tarantia. The cost to retrain starts at 50 copper and increases with each retraining, so choose wisely!

PvP feats[]

There are twenty different PvP levels in addition to the normal skill levels. You gain PvP levels by fighting battles with other players and opening new PvP levels gives you special feats and abilities.

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