The Feat Tree Portal

At the core of the character development system in Age of Conan are the feats. This allows you to use points gained when leveling up to give your character new capabilities and make existing ones more potent. It can be compared to the talents system found in other games, usually being a tree-shaped system to display the various talents.

Every character has three feat trees and they can be viewed at any time by clicking the appropriate icon in your interface. There is one general tree specific to your archetype (Soldier, Mage, Priest or Rogue) and two trees specific to your class.

Feat trees aren't designed to define the character or character roles as much as they are there to help you customize your character somewhat and enhance elements you already have. There are also different feats in the game that will be trained automatically as you gain new levels. Specifically the feats that determine what weapons and armor you can use. You also have 'crafting specific' feats, but these are trained by performing crafting quests that will take you from novice to master in your chosen professions.

For more information, refer to the Feat article.