Feat tree common to all priests

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Ether Flow 5 1 - Increases the priest's mana regeneration rate in and out of combat.
Spirit Armor 5 2 - Protects the Priest from physical damage.
Ether Discharge 5 2 - Upgrades the Life of Set, Wave of Life, and Blood Flow spells to restore mana to the priest for each target healed.
Grace 3 2 - Passive hate reduction.
Far-Reaching Spirit 2 2 - Increases the range of the priest's burst heal prayers.
Vindicator 2 2 - Makes soldiers not in Frenzy Stance provoke more hatred from their foes.
Spirit Aegis 5 2 - Protects the priest from hostile magic.
Saintly Warrior 3 3 Spirit Armor (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when struck in melee combat.
Guiding Spirit 3 3 - Improves cone heals by reducing the reuse time between castings.
All-Encompassing Spirit 2 3 Guiding Spirit (3) Increases the area of effect for all cone based heals.
Presence of Mind 5 3 Far-Reaching Spirit (2) Reduces the casting time of all burst healing spells.
Soothe the Soul 1 3 - Targeted hate reduction.
Saintly Martyr 3 3 Spirit Aegis (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when damaged by hostile magic.
Exemplar 5 4 - Increase the priest's melee damage and damage done by electrical and holy spells.
Focus 2 4 - Decreases the chance of the priest's prayers being interrupted.
Healing Spirit 3 4 - Reduces the mana cost of all healing spells.
Veangeance of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability which will give a substantial damage increase for a short amount of time.
Shroud of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability to make all enemies in the vicinity less likely to attack the priest.


Name Description Tier
Blood Warrior Improves the Blood Flow spell by increasing the damage done by the bear shaman's melee attacks for a short period of time 1
Empowered Renewal Grants the bear shaman a damage booster which is triggered on their next melee attack. 2
Improved Spirit Of The Bear Enhances the Spirit of the Bear spell by increasing the amount of life gained. 2
Deft Renewal When the Renewal prayer is triggered it also increases the teams chance to evade attacks. 3
Rune of Aggression A prayer which increases the damage done by all group members. 5
Blood Champion Improves the Blood Flow spell increasing the bear shaman's melee damage 4
Spirit Totem Venom Adds a chance to poisoning foes struck by the priest's melee attacks for a short time. 4
Spell - Grace of Nature Makes all the team members immune to effects that root them to the ground, preventing movement. 4
Spell - Rune of Grounding Lowers movement by 75%, increases magic invulnerabilities. 5
Spell - Rune of Slaughter Melee debuff. 3
Spirit Walker Augments the effects of all bear shaman's Spirit Totem prayers 8
Manifestation Rabies A new manifestation, Rabies which inflicts lingering poison damage upon all nearby enemies. 5
Untamed Energy Improves the Wild Energy special ability by adding a increased mana regenration effect. 6
Wild Energy All the bear shaman's melee attacks have a chance of increasing their mana. 6
Ether Theft Drain's mana from the target and shares it with the shaman's team. 4
Improved Manifestation Rabies Substantially increase the damage inflicted by the Rabies manifestation. 6
Aspect - Blood Fever Grants the bear shaman an ability which increases the damage done by their attacks but reduces the strength of their healing spells. 3
Blood Healing Improves the Blood Flow prayer by increasing the amount of healing it does. 8
Claws of Life This spell increases the shaman's life regeneration and places a secondary effect on the target that has a chance of placing a minor healing effect on their attackers. 7
Balance of Nature Description to be added. 7
Manifestation Regrowth Continuously heals all friendly targets nearby the bear shaman. 6
Improved Ether Theft Power Increase Affected. Increases damage and healing by 25% Ether Theft. Increases the mana gained by the Ether Theft combo. 5
Improved Adrenaline Surge Reduces the cast and reuse time of the Adrenaline Surge special ability. 8
Iron Hide Absorbs all the damage done by the next attack against the bear shaman. 9
Booming Roar Silences all nearby foes, preventing casters from using their spells. 9


Name Description Tier
Nature's Wrath Melee hits start a counter which enables a secondary healing effect upon casting Blood Flow. 1
Ursine Onslaught Increases the damage done by the Ursine Brawl combos. 2
Animalistic Fury Increases the damage done by the bear shaman's two-handed blunt weapons. 2
Aspect - Skulk Lowers "threat and lowers your HP by approx 100. 3
Crushed Bones Increases initial damage of internal bleed combos. 3
Improved Grizzled Hide Augments the Grizzled Hide spell by increasing the physical resistance bonuses. 4
Poisoned Hide Each time a foe strikes the bear shaman in melee there is a chance of them being poisoned, which damages them for a short period of time and disorients them so they are less likely to attack the priest. 4
Ursine Roar Targets enemies in a wide cone in front of the bear shaman and reduces the damage inflicted by their strikes for a short time. 5
Crushed Organs Increases the lingering damage done by all Internal Bleed combos 4
Battle Roar Temporarily increases the damage inflicted by the priest and boosts the maximum life of all team mates. 5
Rupture Increases Crushed Armor combo damage by 10%. 5
Aspect - Untamed Regeneration Grants the priest an ability which increases their rate of life regeneration but increase the damage inflicted by enemy attacks. 3
Stone Hide Temporarily reduces the damage done to the priest by enemies attacks. 6
Aspect Skulk Grants the priest an ability which makes the priest less likely to draw enemy's ire and change targets to attack the bear shaman, but lowers the shaman's life. 4
Spirits Of The Earth When the spells Claws of Stone and Spirit Totem: Stone are both acive, there is a chance when Claws of Stone triggers it increases the shaman's invulnerability rating. 8
Weight of the World Snare and damage multiplier on next 3 melee hits. 7
Spirits Of The Debased When the prayers of Claws of Corruption and Spirit Totem: Profane are both active, there is a chance when Claws of Corruption triggers it increases the poison and unholy damage of their attack. 8
Shards Of Earth Improves the Spirit Totem: Stone prayer by increasing the damage inflicted. 7
Bloodthirst Blood spilled by these savage blows heals the bear shaman and their group members. 7
Claws Of The Reaper When cast, the bear shaman's strikes have a chance of inflicting a bleeding wound and increasing the damage done by the priest's own attacks. 6
Rampage Chance on hit to proc a self-buff which increases Damage and Natural Health Regen. 8
Nature's Revenge All the bear shaman's attacks have a chance of adding to their Nature's Revenge counter. When this counter reaches ten all nearby allies will be healed. 9
Bewilder (Bear Shaman) Leaves the victim dazed and disorientated, reducing their chance to hit for a short time. 9