Feat tree common to all mages

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Mage Blood 5 1 none Increases the mage's rate of mana regeneration.
Spiritual Armament 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's defense rating.
Arch Mage 5 2 Malefic Chant 5/5 Augments the mages's magical rating by increasing damage done by both schools of magic.
Mind phase 5 2 5 points Reduces the threat generation of hostile spells, thus reducing the mage's chance of being attacked for damaging enemies with spells.
Spiritual Aegis 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's magical defense rating.
Crimson Shield 3 3 10 points Provides a health boost for mage using (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh and Protection of Set) while this shield is active.
Tome of Erlik 3 3 10 points Grants the mage a new ability that, when used, increases the damage of their spells for a short time.
Mystical Attunement 5 3 10 points Increases the magical damage done by mage's spells .
Mirrored Iron 3 3 10 points Augments the (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh, and Protection of Set) spells, giving them a chance to return some damage to the attacker.
Quickened Iron 3 3 10 points Increases the rate at which (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh,and Protection of Set) spells absorb damage, refreshing collapsed shields faster.
Purge 1 4 15 points Dispels movement penalty effects (roots and snares) also makes the caster briefly immune to these same effects.
Malefic Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's spells have a chance to heal the mage slightly when inflicting harm upon an enemy.
Misdirection 2 4 15 points Teaches the mage the misdirection spell that substantially reduces the hostility of the target, making them less likely to break off and attack the mage.
Blood Hunger 3 4 15 points Reduces the cooldown of the draw forth the hearth incantation.
Specter Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's hostile spells have a chance to restore the caster's mana.
Unleash Power 2 4 15 points Improves area of effect spells by increasing their effective size.
Dark meditation 1 5 Specter Chant 5/5 Floods the mage's blood with new mana but stuns them for spell duration.


Feats in this tree improve Heralds Spells and Procs"

Name Description Ranks Tier
Hellfire Reduce the casting time of Hellfire Breath, but increases the re-use time. 5 1
Flame Tongue For a short time after using Hellfire Breath, the herald's melee attacks inflict additional fire damage. This effect can be applied 5 times. Investing feat points increases this additional damage. 5 2
Xotli's Vengeance The herald's melee attacks have a chance of bestowing a magical fire damage bonus on the herald. Effect may stack up to 5 times and is consumed by casting Hellfire Breath. Investing feat points increases this fire damage bonus. 5 2
Spitfire Grants a spell that engulfs the target in flames. The flames reduce the effect of heals on the target, cause lingering damage, and also burn nearby foes, who also have a chance of igniting. Investing feat points increases the healing reduction applied to the target (5% per rank) & increases ignition chance (10/20/30/40/50% per rank). 5 2
Lingering Hell Increases the duration of the Hellstep effect on the herald, adding an additional damage pulse per feat point. 5 3
Improved Word Of Command Increases the area affected by Word of Command by 1 meter per rank, and reduces the mana cost of that spell. 2 3
Demonic Link Each rank increases the magical fire damage bonus bestowed by the Desecrating Essence and Avatar of Xotli spells. 3 3
Fury Of Xotli Whenever the herald strikes an enemy in combat there is a chance they will become empowered and able to use their Hellfire Breath spell for no mana cost. 3 4
Spell - Flame Lash Grants a spell that inflicts damage based on the number of Flame Lash effects built up (to a maximum of 10). The herald's melee attacks have a chance of adding a Flame Lash effect. Investing feat points increases this base chance (+5%, +10%, +15%, +25%). 5 4
Roots of Hell Increases the weight of the herald when polymorphed to a medium armor equivalent, making them harder to knock back in battle. 3 4
Touch of Hell Reduces the cooldown of the Hellstep ability by 15 seconds. 1 5
Spell - Undying Glory of Xotli Grants a spell that restores the herald to life if they die, so that they can carry on Xotli's diabolic work. It also increases their melee and magical damage and health regeneration for a short time. 1 5
Thundering Flames The herald's Hellfire Breath also briefly silences foes. An enemy can only be affected by Thundering Flames once every few seconds. 1 5
Glorious Exultation Of Xotli The Herald sells another fraction of their damned soul and increases the damage bonus they gain from casting Exultation of Xotli. 1 5
Phoenix Wings Decreases the snare effect and decreases the self-damage penalty of Phonix Cloak. 3 6
Improve Phonix Cloak Adds AoE Detaunt to initial casting of Phonix cloak. 5 6
Spell - Inferno When the Flame Lash stack reaches 10,player can chose to trigger and inferno Spell setting the entire area around on fire. 1 6
Horrible Visage of Xotli when you polymorph, does an AOE stun.Ranks increases range by 1 m and duration by 1 s 3 6
Spell - Molten Flesh Grants %100 fire invulnerability buff self and high damage shield 2 6
Knowledge Of the Underworld Active proc that deals damage only against undead and demons. 5 7
Burning Words Causes your World of Command to inflict fire damage over time. 3 7
Insanity Of Xotli those hit by Horrible Visage also suffer a stame and mana DoT. 2 7
Hatred Of The Living Active proc that deals damage only against humanoids,picts and animals. 5 8
Clarity Of The Mad Adds innate fear resistance to Demonic Emblem and polymorph buff. 3 8
Dark Blessing Of Xotli Herald gets a portion of the mana and stamina from insanity of Xotli. 5 8
Spell - Hell On Earth Reality warps around the herald. every few seconds there is a chance hellish volcanoes will appear next to nearby target, inflicting fire damage on any enemies nearby. 1 9
Spell - Chains of Anguish Curses both the primary target and any nearby enemies thse secondary targets then inflict damage on primary target any time they are in same vicinty. 1 9


Feats in this tree improve the Herald's Combo moves and Polymorph abilities"

Name Description Ranks Tier
Fiery Weapons Gives all your attacks a chance to inflict fire damage. 5 1
Improve Fiery Weapons Increases the fire damage dealt by fiery weapons proc and adds Fiery Weapons to your entire team. 5 2
Spreading Flames Your damage over time fire combos have a chance of jumping to nearby targets every tick. 5 2
Demonic Fortitude New Spell: This incantation allows the herald to convert mana into stamina draining their magical strength to improve melee cababilities. 2 3
Demonic Leech Upgrades your mana burn combos to award mana to the herald. 5 3
Rage of Xotli The Herald increases demonic might of Hell Strikes Combo, inflicting extra damage. 3 3
Mindless Brute Reduces your magical damage, but increases your health. 3 4
Flame of Xotli Increases the damage dealt by your damage over time combos. 3 4
Reaching Flames Increases the area of affect of your Flamestrike combos. 2 4
Spell - Demonic Supplication Grants the spell Demonic Supplication. Increases the duration of your next Desecrating Essence or Avatar of Xotli spell. 3 4
Blood Pit On Successful minion kills from Blood Feats, spawns a Blood Pit pet that applies a natural health regeneration buff. 1 5
Ether Thirst Increses the mana burned and drained from your mana burn combos. 3 5
Fire Lance New Spell: Inflicts significant damage, but has a lengthy cooldown. 5 5
Butcher (Feat) Reduces the cooldown of the Herald's Hell Strikes combo. 5 6
Flaming Hatred Decreases the cooldown of the Herald's Pillar of Infernal Flame combo. 5 6
Wrath of Xotli Increses the damage dealt by the Herald's Hell Strikes combos. 2 6
Damning Eloquence Reduces the casting time of Inferno Curse and Hellflare debuffs, making them instant cast at max rank. 3 7
Searing Curses Adds a lingering fiery wound to the Molten Steel Slash combo that burns victim for shorty time. 5 7
Improved Burning Skull If a damage shield isn't triggered,hits and enemy for fire damage every 3 seconds 1 7
Demon Within Increases the duration of Desecrating Benediction. 5 7
Burning Hex Adds fire damage over time to Inferno Curse and Hellflare Debuff. 2 8
Flame Cleave When the Herald uses Hell Strikes combo there is a chance of a wall of flames appearing behind the target burning any other enemies cauth in. 5 8
Searing Hated The Herald's Pillar of Infernal Flame combo also inflicts lingering fire damage, slowly burning the victim alive. 1 8
Desecration Decreases the cooldown of Desecrating Benediction. 5 8
Hellfire Feast Adds a magic manatap ability while polymorphed 2 8
Spell - Tongue of Xotli Summons columns of shooting fire, each having a high chance of spawning a Fire Pit minion for each target hit, pulsing AoE fire damage. Grants the spell Tongue of Xotli. 1 9
Avatar of Xotli Improved polymorph, proc triggers AoE fire on melee hits, improved pulsing AoE fire damage. Removes penalty debuff from Exultation of Xotli. 1 9