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Feat tree common to all priests

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Ether Flow 5 1 - Increases the priest's mana regeneration rate in and out of combat.
Spirit Armor 5 2 - Protects the Priest from physical damage.
Ether Discharge 5 2 - Upgrades the Life of Set, Wave of Life, and Blood Flow spells to restore mana to the priest for each target healed.
Grace 3 2 - Passive hate reduction.
Far-Reaching Spirit 2 2 - Increases the range of the priest's burst heal prayers.
Vindicator 2 2 - Makes soldiers not in Frenzy Stance provoke more hatred from their foes.
Spirit Aegis 5 2 - Protects the priest from hostile magic.
Saintly Warrior 3 3 Spirit Armor (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when struck in melee combat.
Guiding Spirit 3 3 - Improves cone heals by reducing the reuse time between castings.
All-Encompassing Spirit 2 3 Guiding Spirit (3) Increases the area of effect for all cone based heals.
Presence of Mind 5 3 Far-Reaching Spirit (2) Reduces the casting time of all burst healing spells.
Soothe the Soul 1 3 - Targeted hate reduction.
Saintly Martyr 3 3 Spirit Aegis (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when damaged by hostile magic.
Exemplar 5 4 - Increase the priest's melee damage and damage done by electrical and holy spells.
Focus 2 4 - Decreases the chance of the priest's prayers being interrupted.
Healing Spirit 3 4 - Reduces the mana cost of all healing spells.
Veangeance of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability which will give a substantial damage increase for a short amount of time.
Shroud of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability to make all enemies in the vicinity less likely to attack the priest.


Feats in this tree are focused on increasing the nuking power of the Tempest of Set

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Arcing Charged Blast 5 1 - Augments the Charged Blast invocation, causing it to splash additional nearby enemies with joolts of electricity.
Improved Lightning Strike 5 2 - Augments the Lightning Strike spell by increasing the damage in inflicts.
Grounding Charge 5 2 - Improves the Charged Blast spell by adding a chance of rooting the victim to the ground, preventing movement for a short time.
Rousing Shock 1 2 - This quick casting spell removes all stun effects from all team members.
Pillar Lightning 3 3 - Increases the area of effect of the Lightning Strike evocation.
Faithful of Set 3 3 - Casting Lightning Strike, Charged Blast, and Storm Field increases the strength of Healing Lotus and Life of Set.
Static Charge 5 3 - Increases the damage done by the Tempest's electrical attacks.
Inner Charge 1 4 Brutal Lightning Strike (5) Grants the priest and ability which ensures their next Lightning Strike inflicts critical damage.
Brutal Lightning Strike 5 4 - Increases the chance of Lightning Strike causing critical damage.
Blood Mana 1 4 Ether Absorption (5) This quick casting invocation increase the chance of the Tempest's ability to convert magical damage inflicted into mana points for themselves.
Ether Absorption 5 4 - Increases the amount of mana recovered by the Tempest's magical attacks.
Coalesce Ether 3 4 Ether Absorption (5) All magical attacks by the Tempest's teammates have a chance of restoring the mana of all Tempest's with this feat.
Elemental Fury 1 5 - This quick casting invocation blasts the area around the Tempest with an electrical storm.
The Building Storm 1 5 - A channeled spell that improves the damage done by the target's attacks. If used on a caster, damage increases and the Tempest regenerates mana. Upon ending, the priest gains increased life regeneration and Healing Lotus, Life of Set, Vitalizing Jolt, Lightning Strike, and Storm Field can be cast at no mana cost for a short time.
Fury of the Storm 5 6 Inner Charge (1) Increases the damage done by Lightning Strike.
Column Lightning 1 6 - Calls down a titanic pillar of lightning on the target that forks and strikes other nearby targets with similar area effect electrical damage.
Lightning Arc 3 6 Column Lightning (1) Augments the Column Lightning invocation, causing targets hit to pulse additional lingering electrical damage after being struck.
Set's Storm 2 6 - Reduces the reuse time and casting time of the Storm Field spell.
Set's Brutality 3 6 Set's Storm (2) The awesome might of the snake god is brought to bear by the priest,increasing the chance of Storm Field inflicting critical damage.
Cyclone of Set 5 7 - Summons an elemental cyclone that shocks enemies with electrical damage.
Titanic Storm 2 7 - Increases the size of the Storm Field spell.
Visions of Hatred 5 7 - Grants an invocation that when channeled on a target will cause them to be distracted and overcome by false visions of Set.
Cyclonic Storms of Set 5 8 Cyclone of Set (5) This improves the Cyclone of Set spell by summoning a second elemental cyclone and their shocks also also firing back their victims.
Brain Spasms 5 8 Visions of Hatred (5) When stunned, charmed or feared there is a significant chance of immediately recovering. More fear ratings eventually make the priest virtually immune.
Master of Storms 1 9 Cyclonic Storms of Set (5) This improves the Cyclone of Set spell by summoning a third desert cyclone.
Puppet 1 9 Brain Spasms (5) Enemies caught in the area become disoriented and confused and likely begin attacking each other.


Feats in this tree are focused on supporting the Tempest of Set and his fellow team members.

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Growing Storm 5 1 - When the Tempest uses Lightning Strike, Charged Blast, and Storm Field the mana cost for casting Life of Set is reduced. This effect can be applied up to 4 times.
Piercing Storm Crown 3 2 Storm Crown (3) Increases the critical blast chance of the Storm Crown invocation.
Storm Crown 3 2 - Creates a nimbus of electricity around the priest that shocks nearby enemies. Adding ranks increases the number of enemies effected.
Storm Throne 3 2 Storm Crown (3) Increases the damage done by the priests Storm Crown and restores mana when it strikes. Also adds weaker secondary Storm Crowns to all team members.
Power of the Serpent Ring 3 2 - Grants the Tempest an ability which makes them immune to magical damage for a short period of time.
Empowered Cobra Stare 3 3 - The Tempest's momentary but mesmerizing look stuns the target, preventing them from moving or acting coherent for a short period of time.
Storm regalia 3 3 Storm Throne (3) Increases the electrical damage by all team members, their attacks have a chance of restoring the Tempest's mana and inflicting electrical damage. This feat also increases the damage done by Storm Crown.
Wrath of the Serpent Ring 3 3 Power of the Serpent Ring (3) Augments the Power of the Serpent Ring invocation, increasing the tempest's damage for a short period of time after being cast. Additional ranks will increase the power of the effect.
Static Blood 5 4 - Increases the Tempest's electrical invulnerability rating
Idol of Set 3 4 - Summons a stone idol that pulses lightning at a single nearby target. It also restores mana to nearby priests and mages.
Idol of Set's Power 2 4 Idol of Set (3) Improves Idol of Set so their attacks have a chance to inflict additional electrical damage. Any active Storm Field spells will be triggered by the Idol of Set's Power, damaging nearby enemies.
Aftershock 1 5 - Set intervenes and restores the Tempest's life, so that they can live to carry on his diabolic work.
Empowered Life of Set 1 5 - Augments the Life of Set healing spell by blasting all of the recipient's nearby enemies with electricity and empowering their next successful Lightning Strike or melee attack with additional electrical damage.
Symbolic Idol of Set 5 5 Idol of Set (3) Augments the Idol of Set, granting the Tempest increased lightning damage for each friendly target affected by the idol.
Shock and Awe 5 6 Divide and Conquer (1) Augments Divide and Conquer, causing hostile targets attacked by those affected to become weakened to the opposite polarity. When attacked by the opposite polarity after being afflicted by the effect, the target will take additional damage and become weakened to lightning effects.
Divide and Conquer 1 6 -
Thundering Voice 1 6 - Using the authority of might Set, the priest compels their foes to complete silence for a short time preventing spells from being cast.
Lightning Cast 3 6 - Grants the priest an ability to cast their next Lightning Strike or Healing Lotus spell instantaneously, but slightly increases the spells reuse time.
Idol of Set's Supremacy 1 6 Idol of Set (2) Improves Idol of Set by cursing enemies damaged by the idol to also suffer additional damage from the attacks of the Tempest's allies.
Improved Overcharge 5 7 - Reduces the amount of time the Overcharge spell leaves the caster's electrical attacks weakened for.
Storm Blood 1 7 - For a short time, electrical damage inflicted on the Tempest is converted into healing.
Vital Shock 5 7 - This spell inflicts electrical damage on the target but heals nearby friendly targets.
Improved Call Lightning 5 8 Improved Overcharge (5) Increases the frequency of targets being struck by the Call Lightning Spells.
Staggering Voice 1 8 Thundering Voice (1) Improves Thundering Voice, causing the target to be staggered by the authority of Set and unable to move while effected.
Triumphant Life of Set 5 8 Vital Shock (5) Casting Life of Set heals the target and inflicts electrical damage on enemies near them.
Summon Aura of Nebthu 1 9 Improved Call Lightning (5) This nebulous servant is summoned from Stygia's most ancient city and is able to blast enemies with lightning storms.
Serpent Transmutation 1 9 Triumphant Life of Set (5) This prayer enables the Tempest to absorb most forms of damage so that they are healed instead of injured.