It's said among those insightful in the ways of nature that the wilderness is alive, just as people or beasts are alive. An area exists in a balance—a balance of the flora and fauna which dwell within its boundaries. However, such a balance is never eternal. It can be lost, especially when humans come into an area.

A warrior’s body bleeds when he is wounded, and so too does a region react when injured by human presence. The Frost Swamp, violated by the foul magic of invading Hyperborean sorcerers, has spawned horrors as a reaction towards these wounds. Chief among these are the monsters known by Cimmerian hunters as Flesh Eaters, which in recent months have risen from the icy wasteland of the swamps, each possessed of only the basic animalistic cunning and a hunger for the flesh of men.

These behemoths tread through the cold pools of bog water like manifestations of their defiled swamp; all muscle and slime, with their stone-hard skin festooned by twigs from swamp trees while reeking of this region’s tainted water. To stand against one of these hulks is to stand against the Frost Swamp’s fury incarnate.