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Of all the mages the Demonologist may be the most power hungry and twisted amongst them. Such is their pure thirst for absolute power that they are willing to trade their very souls to whichever demonic power is currently seeking to extend their influence into the affairs of man.

Through demonic pacts and sacrifices they tread a fine line between the mortal world and the depths of the demonic realms, drawing forth the power of their immortal masters at the price of the corrupting influence of that power.

The Demonologist is not as studied as other mages, and while they might have some rudimentary knowledge of the magical arts it is their ability to wield and command these ancient and sinister arts that allow them to strike down their opponents on the battlefield.

The Demonologist has two main areas of expertise, firstly in the command of demonic minions and then also a variety of fire and electrical based direct damage spells.

The demons are of course the most trusted weapon in their arsenal, with the Demonologist having the power to control and command demons summoned from the pits of the ancient, long forgotten worlds below the world. With their 'Demonic Servitude' ability allowing them to bind a demon to their will, the Demonologist can command these minions to do their bidding and bring agony and despair to their foes.

Dripping with the eternal blood of their victims and a twisted visage that can inspire dread in even the most battle hardened of warriors, the demons are a fearsome sight on any battlefield.

The demon alone though is not what makes the Demonologist a powerful and dangerous foe. They have the ability to smite their enemies with devastating fire and electrical attacks, channelling the searing heat and magical energy of the demonic realm into potent and potentially lethal attacks.

'Flamestrike' and 'Shockstrike' are amongst the first spells the Demonologist learns to wield and these are supplemented from level 35 with the likes of the 'Firestorm' and 'Shockblast' spells.

The Demonologist can also bargain with their demonic masters to sacrifice their own health in return for yet more powerful damage through their 'Sacrifice' and 'Blood Sacrifice' spells

As with the other mage classes the Demonologist also has access to powerful abilities as the highest levels that can greatly improve the performance of their other spells and abilities. For the Demonologist this comes in the form of their 'Archfiend's Pact' spell, which while active means that Flamestrike, Shockstrike, Firestorm and Shockblast have no cool down times and the caster gains very high mana regeneration. With their Magic damage greatly increased and stacking with both 'Sacrifice' and 'Blood Sacrifice' the cost of this powerful spell is not to be taken lightly. The Demonologist pays for such a wanton display of their power with a heavy amount of damage to their own health over the course of the spell and a very high Soul Corruption penalty.

So the Demonologist treads a fine line between eternal damnation and the power that can be bestowed upon them by their demonic masters, with their constant thirst for power comes the risk of insanity and worse, but while they retain mastery of their borrowed powers they are a powerful foe. With demonic minions to do their bidding, and such power at their disposal, the Demonologist is truly a mage to be feared.