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Guardian - Barbarian - Conqueror - Dark Templar - Bear Shaman - Demonologist - Necromancer - Priest of Mitra

Evil and twisted Necromancers bring the cursed and the dead back from beyond the mortal realm to do their bidding. Looking down on the likes of the Demonologist for their reliance on bargaining for power, the Necromancer requires no such crutch, relying instead on his own mastery of death to dispose of his enemies.

The true power of the Necromancer is two fold, with a mastery of unholy magic, the Necromancer animates the dead and corrupts the living, while this is complimented by their ability to marshal the freezing winds of death itself and deal devastatingly cold attacks on those who would cross their path. Thus the icy touch of death is instilled in everything the Necromancer does and they have a wide variety of spells and foul magics to call upon.

Spells like ‘Flesh to Worms’ and ‘Pestilential Blast’ deal painful and disturbing unholy damage to their targets while ‘Gelid Bones’ and ‘Ice Strike’ use deathly cold to deal their damage. The stench of death itself provides the Necromancer with this tainted arsenal and their ability to manipulate it to their benefit is unsurpassed.

Not content with simply smiting their foes the Necromancer can also use their dark arts to boost their allies. Spells like ‘Runed Flesh’ allow the Necromancer's team to absorb some damage, while ‘Bone Ward’ increases the Necromancers defences.

Lastly, but by no means least, the Necromancer can also command the dead themselves. Tearing the corpses of the fallen from the ground and animating them to their own evil intentions the Necromancer can summon forth a series of twisted cadavers to do their foul bidding.

With the ability to summon expendable foot soldiers called Undead Minions, through to raising magically adept Deathless Acolytes, the Necromancer can ensure that these rotting and malicious puppets of flesh are at hand to deal with any enemies that get too close.

Like much of the magic in Age of Conan the abilities of this mage are greatly enhanced by their later abilities, for example the pinnacle of their powers - Loathsome Teachings, that is available only at level 80, provides a boost to their ‘Ice Strike’ and ‘Glacial Storm’ spells while active, triggering an additional Freeze effect. Likewise their ‘Pestilential Blast’ and ‘Blasphemous Ruin’ spells benefit from an additional ‘Gangrenous Touch’ effect. It also benefits the amount of health returned when their Lifeleech spell is cast and any attacks against the Necromancer while it is active have a chance of applying a healing effect on the caster. At the same time the ability grants additional cold and unholy damage to the caster's team.

Their mastery over death itself means that Necromancers are amongst the most feared practitioners of magic you are likely to meet on the battlefield. Their icy grasp and command of undead mean that they are a threat taken lightly at your own risk!