This week we take an exclusive look behind the scenes to find out how the sound and music is made for Age of Conan, in this brand new edition of the video developer diary!

It’s not just stunning and detailed graphics that is needed to bring the exotic and brutal feel of Hyboria to life. What is a brutal picture without the sound of steel against steel? What is a battlefield without the sound of war-cries and lamentations? These are all questions that the sound designers and composers on Age of Conan have to ask themselves every day when going to work.

In this exclusive second edition of the video developer diary, we take a look at how the sounds and music in Age of Conan is made. Perhaps most importantly, we also get to meet the people who do this for a living – such as Audio Director Morten Sørlie, Composer Knut A. Haugen and Sound Designer Tord D. Nikolaisen.

From the roar of ferocious foes to the screams of your beaten enemies, countless hours have been put into creating thousands of sounds that will complement the fantastic sights you will witness in Hyboria. As you charge into yet a bloody battle, epic scores of heroism will shout from your speakers and grandeur melodies will fill the room as you explore the vast landscapes of Conan’s world.

As you will witness in this video developer diary, there is a huge amount of work required to achieve these ambitious goals. Not only must the sounds be produced, they must also be tied into the technology of the game. And making music is more than just playing the keyboard, as you’ll see when we bring a whole choir into the studio!

The video developer diary can be found at numerous different websites, such as: GameTribes.TV

So plug in your headphones and turn the volume to max!