This week we bring you four new screenshots giving you a small glimpse at the Cimmerian settlement of Broken Leg Glen, and a trade caravan that runs through Stygia.

One of the things that we are really proud of in Age of Conan is the visual diversity that the development team has managed to deliver. This is particularly evident when looking at the different landscapes of Hyboria that is realized in this game, from the snow-capped mountains of Cimmeria to the burning deserts of Stygia. And everything in between!

This week we want to show you just how diverse landscapes in Age of Conan can be. Check out the screenshots section for four new screenshots from the game.

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For Cimmeria we paid a visit to the settlement of Broken Leg Glen, a community that rests at the feet of the mighty mountains that surrounds it. These inhospitable walls of craggy stone are home to many threats. If the savages that have found refuge among their sharp peaks don’t kill you, a misplaced step in the dark of night might just as well.

In the Khopshef Province of Stygia, a trade caravan wanders across the burning sand, guided only by fading landmarks and the setting sun. Scattered around them are the remains of creatures long dead of thirst, or maybe they were cut down by the claws of the hungry lions that inhabit the province. But the scorpions are just as big a threat.

But these are more than just breathtaking environments. In Broken Leg Glen, players can choose to follow the twisting paths that run out of the settlement and up into the mountain peaks that loom above. In the Khopshef Province, players may choose to protect the caravan – or observe, from a safe distance, as they are attacked by ruthless bandits.