This Friday, we’ll keep it short and sweet. There’s a new trailer out.

The trailer can be viewed over the following links:

Web | 480HD | 720HD

For the curious, we put this together with the help of our composer, Knut Haugen, who provided the lovely music you hear, with vocals by the lovely Helene Bøksle. If you’re wondering what she’s singing, it’s actually part of the Völuspá, an important and treasured part of Norwegian and other Nordic cultures.

The lyrics are:

Athr veröld steypisk
mun engi mathr öthrum thyrna.
Knáttu vanir vígspá völlu sporna.
Skildir ro klofnir.
fyllisk fjörvi feigra manna.

Ere the world falls;
nor ever shall men each other spare.
and the field by the warlike Wanes was trodden.
Shields are sundered
drains the life-force of doomed men.

Fitting, we think, for both Age of Conan and for the spirit of the trailer.