People have been asking us, “Where oh where have the spellcasters gone?”[]

Since we hear the laments and voices crying out to us, we decided to put together some screenshots using the latest build to show you how they’re coming along. The melee classes have had a lot of exposure, it’s only fair the mages get a little bit of love, yes?

AgeOfConan 2 fu4408 AgeOfConan 1 fu4408 AgeOfConan 4 fu4408

Lots of cool new stuff is going into the beta as the updates roll in, to the point that you’ll often stumble on new additions—for example, knockback effects—unawares. While we rarely show “blooper reel”-style material, this particular screenshot was too funny not to show. Call it “The Perils of Photography in Hyboria.”

AgeOfConan 3 fu4408