Frost Swamp
Level 40 - 80
Frostswamp 2
Region Cimmeria
Zone Lacheish Plains

If one region could be said to house every nightmare of the frozen north, it is here, in the Frost Swamp.

Ehmish wondered if it were the ground itself which radiated the cold, soulless feeling. He would have voted to skirt the edges. The Vanir seemed ready to run right through the swamp’s black, frozen heart.

It began to play on his mind. At times, walking near the front of the line, he believed he saw shadows leaping between trees ahead of them. Silent, drifting spirits. Or there would be a quick splash of water off to one side or the other. A rat or some other kind of swamp-vermin, certainly. Though he wondered. He wondered. He reached for his blade several times, but always resisted in the end, marking it down to nerves. To childhood tales told in the dark, late at night, and which he had not yet forgotten.

––Legends of Kern: Songs of Victory, Loren Coleman

Cimmeria is a land known for its grim weather, harsh terrain and its mountain ranges which form Hyboria’s icy spine. The most hostile patch of the grey realm is not, however, the snow-wracked Eiglophians or the ghost-plagued grave land called the Field of the Dead. Even Conall’s Valley, where Vanir berserkers brandish bloodstained blades and howl their challenges to the retreating tribes, is not the most feared or dangerous part of that sunless northern region. That sinister honor goes to a place named with typical barbarian simplicity: the Frost Swamp.

If one region could be said to house every nightmare of the frozen north, it is here. Dark legends walk, stalking the misty paths with ichor-wet fangs and trembling claws, seeking human prey. Mortal foes abound, from the loose-fleshed doppelgangers who slay through illusion-aided hunts, to the corpse-white mystics of Hyperborea. Truly, the gods themselves must laugh at the collection of hateful evils that gather here to torment the Cimmerians, all stirred up by the probing fingertips and black sorceries of the Hyperboreans. It is said they’ve come here to unearth ancient secrets from a time before the gods drowned Atlantis. Whatever the truth behind their presence, their insidious touch has roused malicious forces within the stagnant, greasy waters of the region.

Few souls willingly enter the Frost Swamp, and those that do (who have any expectations of walking back out again) are invariably the finest, most skilled hunters and warriors Cimmeria has ever bred. Only these souls, the strongest sons and daughters of the northlands, stand any chance of navigating the winding, fog-thick pathways or overcoming the many breeds of inhuman creatures that prowl through the brackish bog waters of the swamp.

Loot TablesEdit

&nbsp "The great thing about the oasis/imarian ravine/frost swamp is that the gear ALSO scales. When you go in at 50, with lvl 50 mobs, they will still drop level 50 blues.

Player Impressions and IssuesEdit

The-Crow Dark Templar Cimmerian

"Last night our group attempted the first quest in oasis which is free the caged people:

OSASIS: The area was not too bad there were a few deaths but overall not bad we had level 40 mobs & our highest player was level 45, quest all finished in not bad time.

Challenging but not irritating and a visually appealing area.

Issues with this instance are the almost non existant loot drops (90% of normal enmies did not drop anything) and then the big boss we killed to get the cage key only dropped 1 blue, burning sanctum is far better than this.

After that we headed to the Frost Swamp:

FROST SWAMP: Ok the mobs in here were level 41 BUT the agro radius on the big humanoids is massive, some Deaths mainly due to the out of control Agro Radius's of many of the mobs, you pull 1-2 back and suddenly you have 4-5 on you & casters that appear out of nowhere.

We were doing the spider quest which was yellow for most of us, Now these spiders are just rediculous, we are talking 2-4 hit death for a tank with 2600hp. At this point LOTS OF DEATHS but we persevered and finally killed enough spiders we could take on and kill the queen (most of us had died 20 times by this point) Only to be offered the exact same blue item we had been offered back in the Oasis.....

Issues with this instance are again the almost non existant loot drops (90% of normal enmies did not drop anything) and then the spider queen only dropped the same blue item we had encountered in the Oasis. Again burning Sanctum is far better. The Mobs, they are rediculous this was a yellow quest for me (lvl 44) and I am geared for tanking but a single spider could decimate me in 2-4 hits even when I was fully buffed & using stacks of regeration (2600 and change health), caster classes who draw a lot of aggro found themselves reduced to 1 hit wonders as were most of the rest of the party. The spider mobs in here are just way tougher than they should be IMHO. Also the agro radius on the humanoid mobs at the start of the instance & in the encampment seems a bit too high IMHO." - Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 1:48 AM (GMT).


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