Among the various horrors spawned from Hyperborean sorcery, are the feral blasphemies known by Cimmerian hunters as Frostcrawlers. These amphibious beasts stalk the mist-cloaked forests, hissing to themselves and slithering in search of prey.

Frostcrawler big

No natural beast, a Frostcrawler is somewhere between an eel and a serpent, yet with aspects resembling neither creature. Their serpentine tail thrashes through the foul marshland as a Frostcrawler glides towards its intended prey, while a roughly humanoid torso rears up from the depths to lash out with surprisingly powerful arms and multi-jointed fingers tipped with vicious claws. Its mouth is that of a sea snake or giant eel—an ugly slit in their reptilian face, lined with rows of needle-like teeth.

Some of the few living witnesses who seen a Frostcrawler describe them as a throwback from an earlier age, when crocodilian beasts claimed the world as their own. Most survivors are not educated enough to make such an assumption, and merely point to Hyperborean sorcery, citing this creature as the brutish, malformed result of dark magic tainting everything it touches.