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International game development ... in little Norway

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  • Funcom - Who are we and what do we do?
  • Gaming business - More than just fun and games?
  • Development - How to develop an international game?
  • Conan - How does it really work?

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  • Established in 1993 - Norways oldest
  • Developed over ten games for different systems
  • Børsnotert i 2006, solid situasjon
  • Over 230 employees from over 20 different countries
  • One of the worlds largest developers

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  • Developers for Hire
    • Speed Freaks (Sony)
    • CMX (THQ)
    • Caspar (Universal)
    • Pocahontas (Disney)
    • NBA Hangtime (Capcom)
    • Dinosaur's tale (HTE)
    • Winter Gold (Nintendo)
    • Longest Journey (Div)
  • Independent MMO company (2001-2007)
    • Alien Invasion - AO
    • Shadowlands - AO
    • The Nocturn Wars - AO
    • Lost Eden - AO
    • Anarchy Online Spec. Ed.
    • Anarcy Online
    • Dreamfall
    • Different cellphone games
  • Ready for growth (2007)
    • Uniquely experienced team
    • Over 5million games sold
    • Own technology
    • Two games in development
    • Stock company
    • Large community

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Funcom comming games

  • Age of Conan
    • MMORPG
    • Based on Conan's world
    • Advanced technology
    • Wanted by a whole world
  • The Secret World
    • MMORPG
    • Our own world and time
    • Established Conan-technology
    • Very hush-hush atm.

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  • Funcom - Who are we and what do we do?
  • The gaming industry - More than just fun and games
  • Development - How to develop an international game?
  • Conan - How does it work?

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  • 30 Billion


  • 31,4 Billion


  • 64,5 Billion

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Gaming industry - The gaming nation Norway

  • There are over 500 000 PlayStation 2-machines in norwegian homes, an extreme penetration
  • There are sold over two million games in norway every year, most for PlayStation 2.

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The gaming industry - Extreme piracy

  • Piracy hurts the game sales
  • Internet increases access
  • All copy-protection will, sooner or later, get broken
  • Are traditional games outdated? (står tradisjonelle PC-spill for fall?)
  • Are paid online games the rescue?
  • Recurring income gives greater profit
  • These online games are impossible to copy
  • More companies start to see their value

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The gaming industry - Paid online games?

  • Gamers pay ~100NOK each month to play, a subscription
  • The gamer logs on to a server via the internet to play, and all the characters are other gamers
  • A internet world can have thousands of real players who participate from the whole world and play together
  • An online game means a virtual world you can explore with other people

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Gaming industry - paid online games explode (GRAPH)

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Gaming industry - paid online games explode

"In 2006 the western MMO market topped one billion dollars." - Screen digest

... mainly thanks to ...

According ot Screen Digest's reseachers, the income for World of Warcraft capped three billion NOK in 2007. Yes, 9 million people play World of Warcraft.

Many people wants a piece of this cake.

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Gaming industry - everybody wants in on the online gaming market

Everquest Ca 500 000 gamers, Peaked in 2001

World of Warcraft Ca 9 000 000 gamers, released in 2004

The potential audience is growing extremely

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Gaming industry - Everybody wants in on the online gaming market

(Pictures of games)

More online games are on their way, and many allready exist - is there room for more?

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The gaming industry - online games are hard to create (this is in english allready :P)

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  • Funcom - Who are we and what do we do?
  • The gaming industry - More than just fun and games
  • Development - How to develop an international game?
  • Conan - How does it work?

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Development - What do you need?

  • Economy
    • To develop an AAA-title has become extremely expensive in the last years
    • Age of Conan costs between 100 and 200 million to make (likely to be in NOK)
  • Technology
    • Codebase - Do you buy or create your own?
    • Funcom has builts it's own technology
  • Staff
    • An AAA-title today needs over 100 people
    • People from over 20 different nations work at Funcom
  • Concept
    • You need a good idea, that needs to work as a game
    • Age of Conan is based on a solid lisence

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Development - Everything has become larger (Development cost in DKK) GRAPH for Hitman costs

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Development - But why?

Production values

  • Graphics: Everything should look extremely realistic, and this takes time
  • The world needs to be bigger and more immersive
  • The physics needs to be realistic, which requires a lot of code
  • Animations and voices are recorded by actors
  • Games should prefferably be released on several platforms
  • Music: Keyboard isn't enough, needs a choir!


  • If you want to sell the game, you need millions to advertise it
  • You need a good lisence, which is expensive
  • You want to tie a known name to the game
  • Eternal struggle against hundres of other good titles

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Development - Then and now

  • Super Mario 8bit had simple graphics and few elements. Age of Conan looks almost photorealistic, and has thousands of elements.
  • In Pac-man your goal was to eat white dots, so the gameplay-code was simple. In Age of Conan you're living a virtual life and exploring a whole world.
  • Commander Keen gave you small beeps from the PC and wasn't even based on real instruments. In Age of Conan we have choir, musicians and thousands of real sounds.

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Development - production process

A god idea

  • Brainstorming meatings
  • Write down the ideas
  • Create a "design bible"


  • Structuring the project
  • Parts of the team
  • Milestones and processes


  • Code, art, content
  • Prioitizing, cutting
  • Tie together the pieces

Test and release

  • Quality control the product
  • Marketing
  • Distribution to the market

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Development - Who do you need?

  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • Graphics
  • Sound technisians
  • Content builders
  • Marketing

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Development - Designers

  • Comes with the ideas, gets them on paper
  • Describes every detail of the game
  • Sets the parameters and defines the rules
  • Thousands of pages with pure text
  • Formulas, excell-sheets, statistics
  • Cooperates with the developers

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Development - Graphics

  • Takes the designers requirements and realizes them visually
  • Tens of thousands pieces of graphics in every size
  • 3D, 2D, concept, animation
  • Work in 3Dmax, Photoshop etc
  • Technical limitations
  • Motion-capture and hand-animation

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Development - Coders

  • Makes all the pieces of the game work together
  • Engine-coders, gameplay-coders, tools-coders
  • Hundreds of thousands of Lines of code
  • Visual studio and other programs
  • Weekly merging of all code
  • Continuous bugfixing all the way

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Development - Content-creators

  • Takes the graphics and builds a world from it
  • Writes thousands lines of dialogs
  • Scripting situations in the game
  • Creating quests for the player
  • Defines thousands of objects
  • Create all playable content

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Development - Sound technicians

  • Has to create thousands of unique sounds
  • Compose music that should hold for hours
  • Creates everything from yelling to footsteps
  • Makes the sound work with the technology
  • Tens of sounds play simultaniously
  • Voice acting and actors

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Development - Testers

  • Tens of testers are testing the game constantly
  • Testing every detail of the game
  • Everything is logged and structured
  • Communicates with the developers
  • Apporves every version
  • Works with external testers

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Development - Marketing

  • How to get the press' attention with hundreds of games released every year?
  • Working with ad-campaigns on TV, radio, online, gaming magazintes etc
  • There are only 10-12 covers for each game magazine each year, how do you get one?
  • Market the game to the community, building a community that should hold for years
  • Reveal features at regular intervals, resist the temptation of telling everything right away

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Development - The lisence

  • More and more developers use established lisences that gives them a good basis for creating games
  • A good lisence can sell the game for you, even if the game is bad
  • Extreme pressure on releasing the game together with other products is a trap
  • A strong brand that can help the game, especially movies
  • Age of Conan is built on the Conan lisence, and Funcom has the rights to create a MMO of it
  • The Conan lisence is solid, with books, movies, comics, characters, posters and more