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An acronym for Direct Damage, or Damage Dealer.


Short for the character class Demonologist in Age of Conan.


An acronym for Dexterity, a character attribute.

Dexterity gives your character a bonus to defense rating and increases attack rating for daggers and ranged weapons.


An acronym for Damage dealing object.


An acronym for Damage dealing range.


An acronym for Die In A Fire. Typically used in a sarcastic manner in response to being bested in a joke or a debate.


An acronym for Dragon kill points. This is a system used to distribute loot between players, usually within a guild. There are many different systems for DKP, but generally DKP is given as sort of a reward for playing with your guild, the more you play the more DKP you gain, and for these points you're able to "buy" items that drop while playing with your guild. The basic rule of the system is that the more players contribute to the raids of the guild (and thus to the guilds progress), the higher the chance the player has to get new and better items.


An acronym for damage meter. Damage meters are used to monitor the amount of damage and healing from each player, seeing who is the most effective at their job.


An acronym for do not disturb. In many games you're able to set a DND flag while you're busy so that when people who try to contact you can see that you're busy.


An acronym for damage over time. DoT is used for spells or abilities that will harm the opponent in regular intervals over time.


Stands for Dungeon Party, or a group in a dungeon, cave, or whatever the party may be in.


An acronym for damage per mana. This refers to how effective a spell is in terms of how much mana it uses. Usually, a spell that has a high DPM has a low DPS.


An acronym for damage per second. A "DPS" class is a class primarily designed to deal heavy damage.


An acronym for the character class Dark Templar in Age of Conan.


An acronym for dual wield. This refers to having a weapon in each hand, as opposed to having a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Also be advised this can stand for Don't Worry.


Dueling is both consensual and competitive. Both parties agree to a certain set of rules before combat, which can include a specified area and restrictions on items and combat type. Dueling ladders and leagues setup by fans are common for most MMORPGs that have PvP. Final Fantasy XI was the first MMORPG to debut a formal dueling system in-game (Ballista); other MMORPGs such as City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars feature PvP as competitive, consensual dueling in a group setting.


Short for duplicate, meaning a copy.