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An acronym for FunCom, the developers of Age of Conan.


An acronym for Free for all. FFA can be a way to distribute loot, where anybody can pick up whatever they want. It is also used to describe combat in which there are no sides expected or respected. Usually FFA fights are "last man standing" affairs, where fighting continues until only one combatant remains, but some forms of Free For All allow ad hoc alliances to collectively win by not fighting after all other opponents are out of combat. This can be understandably difficult to do with collision detection, PBAoE's, and friendly fire, but it does happen.


An acronym for For fucks sake. This is a rewriting, commonly used online, from for gods sake.


An acronym for Flavor of the month. Usually means something main stream.


An acronym for either Frames per second or First person shooter.


An acronym for For the lose. A rewrite of FTW.


An acronym for For The Win, or Fuck The World. In old TV game shows it was common to say "I'll take category-X for the win", or in the case of at least one game show, "for the block". That is one of the more recognized origins of FTW. It can be used sarcastically, of course ...

It is also used to express the opinion that a previous statement, value, or position is superior ("Triple Decappuccino! HoX FTW!!; in essence, the meaning is "I have (done) this thing - fuck everyone else in the world (I am better than you)." It is related to the old American jargon FTA - Fuck The Army, which was used to describe disgust with the military.[[1]]


Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition. Also see SNAFU.


A term used to describe doing the same thing repeatedly to gather gear or resources.

Front load[]

Means when most of a characters damage is done in a short amount of time.