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Internet slang for hacks, implying cheating. Can also be used to describe something an impressive action.


H4x0r is internet slang for hacker. In an MMO this usually refers to a very skilled person.


Hex is a contrary to buff. It means something that affects player's abilities handicapping the player (lowering attributes, increasing damage taken etc). Can also be know as a "debuff".


An acronym for Heal over Time. In Age of Conan, most heals will be HoTs, allowing healers to also do DPS in a fight, not having to stand away from the fight constantly healing other players.


An acronym for the player class Herald of Xotli in Age of Conan.


An acronym for either Hit Points or Health Points, used to measure the amount of damage a player or creature can take.


Healbot is a player whos primary objective is to heal other players, and therefore has to use most of his time in groups to heal. Due to most heals being HoTs in Age of Conan, it is unlikely that there will be many healbots.


Used to denote the life level for all creatures as well as players. When their health goes to zero, they are dead.


A basic skill in Age of Conan. In the world of Hyboria everybody can hide a little, making you difficult to spot. Not everyone is equally as good at it, though!