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An acronym / internet slang for Learn to play.


An acronym for link disconnect or link dead. It is usually used when someone goes offline in a party, where everyone just sits around until that party member returns.

In some heavy role-playing guilds, the members may refer to this event as if it were a god, and this deity had taken the particular character away for a time.


An acronym for looking for. Common usage i MMOs can be LFG.


An acronym for Looking for group.


An acronym for Looking for member(s).


An acronym for Looking for raid member(s). Similar to LFM, except it implies that a raid is being formed, as opposed to a smaller group.


An acronym for Looking for work.


An acronym for Laughing my ass off.


An acronym for Laughing out loud.


An acronym for Line of sight. Not having LoS in an MMO usually means that there's an obstacle between the player and another player or creature so that they're unable to attack or heal each other.


When the connection to the server is interrupted/reduced, causing stuttering or delays on screen.

Lag is usually noticed by a reduction in FPS (or Frames Per Second, or Frame Rate), causing the term lag to be used [the image 'lags' behind the action]. Slow loading times may also be noticed during lag. Group members should announce lag in chat [spoken or typed, preferably both] as soon as it is suspected, to warn others and help diagnose the problem [ie, if it only affects you, it could be your client/computer; if it affects everyone in your area, it could be your IP; if it affects everyone in the group, it could be the server.] see also Lag Spike, Lag Wave, Spike Lag

Lag Spike[]

Short bursts of high latency, which can materially interfere with the game's performance. It can be caused by the server [high traffic, unstable code], the Internet Provider [high traffic, storms], or the client computer [poor routing, bad cabling, background applications, overheating].

Lag Wave[]

A variation on Spike Lag/Lag Spike is the Lag Wave, where lag is detected in different areas of the game server at slightly offset times; the joke is that a "wave of lag", like a tsunami, is moving through the gameworld, raising the latency of the clients. Lag waves are usually indicative of high server loads or server instability - sometimes caused by high server loads - and may be the final warning before a server crash.


A numerical measure of the time it takes for data to be sent from a client computer, be processed at the server, and a response returned to the client; usually measured in microseconds (ms, thousandths of a second). Plainly put, the time delay between you telling your computer (the client) what to do, and the other computer (the server) telling you what happened. High Latency is bad, and can cause lag. see also Ping


A term used to describe the act of withdrawing from an enemy in hopes that it stops pursuit and returns to its starting position. Enemies that follow this behavior correctly are said to be leashed.


Internet slang for Elite. It is usually used to (self)describe hardcore players in possession of higher quality gear, training, and/or skills. Players who "beat" an MMO in the first few months of it's release may describe themselves as 'leet'. see also 1337, Leetard


Slang for a player who believes definitively in their own superiority and is a tireless self-promoter, despite evidence to the contrary. Leetards use their level and gear as a club to demand obedience from team/guild/raid members, then give contradictory/worthless/insulting orders. Leetards grief newbies under the excuse that "if they didn't want me to do that, I wouldn't be able to". You might be a leetard can't find the vendors in your home city, at level 80. Etymology: (e)lite["leet"] + (re)tard, n, an elevated or powerful individual who is nonetheless socially dysfunctional and/or harmful.


Level can refer to a few things, either your character's actual level, or the act of gaining experience by killing mobs in game, in order to reach a higher level.


An item, or gold, or a treasure found on the ground, or dropped from killing a monster.