Game Terms

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An acronym for Own Damn Program.


An acronym for Off-hand. This is the secondary slot used for an extra one-handed weapon or a shield. The other hand is known as the Main hand.


OHKO stands for one-hit knock out, simplified to one-hit kill. OHKO is sometimes referred to as "One-shotting" someone. One-shotting is rare in Age of Conan, compared with some other games. Therefore, the term "Two-shotting" is also used at times with little loss of effect.


An acronym for Oh my god.


An acronym for On my way.


An acronym for out of combat. When a character attacks or is attacked, they will be flagged by the game as being "in combat". This is the opposite of being out of combat, where you are not marked as "in combat".

In Age of Conan out/in of combat is toggled by tab. While in combat mode, you're not able to talk to NPCs etc.

In roleplaying, OOC is often used as an acronym for out of character, meaning to be yourself, not the character you portray when roleplaying.


An acronym for out of mana, meaning that the player is low on or has no mana left. This should be an indication to the group to pause a bit so that the player can regain some mana before continuing.


An acronym for out of range.


  1. An acronym for Out Of Stamina, meaning the player character is low on health (very hurt or nearly dead). Generally this should be a signal to other party members to pause so the character can regain some health. Not as commonly used as OOM.
  2. An acronym for Out Of Speed.
  3. An acronym for Out Of Sight.


An acronym for overpowered. However, the term can also be used on forums meaning original poster.


An acronym for off-tank. The player that should be right below the main tank in aggro so that if the MT dies or loses aggro in some other way, the OT will be attacked instead of the rest of the party. Also refers to a method of crowd control where a character who is not the main tank will occupy an enemy off to the side.


Internet slang for Oh really.

Will usually follow the 'Ya Rly,' response, followed by the 'No Wai,' response.