Game Terms

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An acronym for Point blank.


An acronym for Point blank area of effect, an AoE where the caster is at the center of the effect. Also an acronym for Player based area of effect.


An acronym for Point blank direct damage, a spell that requires contact with the target to deal damage. PBDD can also stand for Player based direct damage.


An acronym for Player Character, a character that is controlled by a living person. See also NPC.


An acronym for player kill. PKing is nonconsensual and usually random. An aggressor attacks an opponent without agreement to any set of rules of engagement or combat. This can include raiding spawns, camping towns, and any other action which constitutes griefing another party. It also can be applied to group versus group, or GvG, combat where one group has an advantage usually due to larger in number. In Ultima Online, prior to the release of the Renaissance expansion which added a Trammel facet where PvP was not allowed, a rift formed of those who enjoyed PKing and the Anti-PK groups.


An acronym for Player Killer Killer. PKKing is usually when people start hunting PK's. They all have their own reasons for doing it.


An acronym for power leveling, used to describe leveling fast without caring for the details or lore of the game.


An acronym for please send tell. Can also relate to the time zone - Pacific Standard Time [US].


An acronym for Pick up group. A group of random player doing a dungeon or quest together, as opposed to a group of guildmembers or other players that know each other well.


An acronym for Player versus environment. Guilds advertising themselves as "PVE Guilds" focus on raids and dungeons, instead of battling with other players.


An acronym for Player versus monster. Not very common, usually PvE is used.


An acronym for Player versus player. Guilds advertising themselves as "PVP Guilds" focus on battling other players instead of raids and dungeons.


Internet slang for "Own", as in to dominate someone.


An acronym for Priest of Mitra, a healer class in Age of Conan. Read more about it here: Priest of Mitra


An abbreviation for Patrol, usually a group of mobs that wander through an area in certain routes.


Pathing refers to the route that a mob who is mobile, or moving around, walks on. Sometimes these paths are predetermined, other times they are random.


A Basic Skill that dictates how well your character observes the environment around you, for instance noticing hidden enemies or possibly even traps. This skill has a direct application in PvP as it provides some defense against ambush attacks from stealth.

The perception skill is passive as well as a clickable ability. It is passive in that it is always working in the background and will notify you about certain things such as hidden enemies. If you get a message saying you are detecting something, you have to use the clickable ability to try and reveal the hidden enemies.


A numerical representation of latency, usually measured in microseconds (ms, thousandths of seconds). A ping of 1000 means that it takes 1 full second for your computer to send the information packet to the server, have the server act on it, and then return the signal.

To measure this in practical terms, try snapping your fingers as fast as you can while counting "one thousand, one" in measured tones. How many did you get? 4? 5? 8? That's how many times your character got stabbed while you waited for that signal to crawl back down the line from the server. Low pings (300 or less) are good, high (800+, depending on the situation) are bad. In first person shooters, where Frame Rate = Life, players with low latency [because of powerful rigs and/or great internet connections] were vilified as Low Ping Bastards [LPB].


A PvP term for farming, except instead of killing mobs you've killed so many players that it has become repetitous and easy.


A term used for exceptionally good loot.


A Player in Age of Conan is the actual person behind an in-game character. Unless you are a webcrawler or highly advance web browsing AI, you are a player, if you play Age of Conan.

A player is distinguished from Player Characters in that one player can control multiple player characters.

Points Per Run[]

An alternative loot distributing system to DKP.


Usually used for 'Protect' a certain person, or the noun that follows.


Pulling a monster to the rest of the group. When pulling you usually have to single out one or more mobs of a group and pull them towards the group without aggroing the rest of the mobs.