Massive PvP[]

  • Player city keeps now contain a vendor that sells siege weapons.
  • Players will now get teleported out of the zone before the battle starts.
  • Traders that would not spawn at the Battlekeep Tradeposts will now spawn. Traders will now be available at Battlekeeps.
  • Ballista NPCs will no longer spawn at an unbuilt tower.
  • The Border Kingdoms has had its environments adjusted. This should reduce draw-distance in those playfields and contribute to a performance-increase.

Player Character[]


  • Mages will now do less damage with ranged weapons to set them apart from specialized ranged weapon classes like the Ranger.


  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Kidney Shots will now properly go on cooldown, is now stackable for 12 second from the original 6 seconds and it's stacking buff duration has been increased to 10 seconds.
    • Flesh Necrosis has been given a new and improved visual.
    • Atrophy has an added persistent effect on the target while the debuff is in effect.


  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Rage of the Tempest now correctly grants your team increased electrical damage, not increased fire damage.

Dark Templar[]

  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Rite of Blood will now display health loss, stamina gain and the affect of its enhancement.


  • New Spells
    • Forced Summoning will allow you to summon a pet of the opposite sex than what would normally be summoned if cast before the specific summoned pet. You will receive this spell at level 9 with your first pet summon spell. All characters above level 9 will get this spell automatically.
  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Diabolic Insight and Infernal Knowledge now last 12 hours instead of 1 hour and will no longer be removed upon death.
    • Wicked Bolts received a name change to be consistent regardless of how many points you have invested in it.

Herald of Xotli[]

  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Herald of Xotli fatalities now have effects to them.
    • Corrected spelling of the name of the feat "Spell - Undying Glory of Xotli"


  • New Spells
    • You will now gain a new single target snare - Ice Shackle - at level 5. If you are already higher than level 5, you will gain this spell automatically.
  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Dark Knowledge and Vile Insight now last 12 hours instead of 1 hour and will no longer be removed upon death.
    • Plagued Heart Curse will now correctly increase in damage with more feats trained.
    • Decomposition now increases Flesh to Worms by 35% at max rank instead of 30%
    • Unholy Power has been rebalanced to have a more consistent effect across all levels.
    • Brutal Death now increases the critical strike chance of Pestilential Blast, Life Strike, Ice Strike, and Chill by 2/4/6/8/10%
    • Ice Shards now increases the splash range and damage inflicted by Chill in addition to Ice Strike.
    • Flash Freeze now additionally increases the damage of Frost Blast by 75/150/250%.
    • Bones of Frost now additionally increases the damage of Gelid Bones by 5/10/15/20/30%.
    • Frozen Body now increases the damage of Ice Strike, Chill, and Deathly Blizzard by 2/4/6/8/10%.
    • Corrupted Soul now increases the damage of Pestilential Blast, Life Strike, and Blasphemous Ruin by 2/4/6/8/10%.
    • Soul Absorption now restores a significantly higher amount of mana when consuming a pet.
    • Frost Reach now additionally increases the damage of Frost Blast by 75/150/250%.
    • Ritual of the Lich has had its spell damage multiplier increases from 10% to 25%.
    • Embrace Death now has an increased effect. The maximum effect of this ability has been increased from 4% to 10%.
    • Pets now move faster and follow npcs better.
    • Void has had its stamina/mana drain increased. It will also have the chance to crit.
    • Archmage feat has been moved to up in the general feat tree.
    • Unholy Fortitude has been changed to reduce the recast time of Frenzy by 12 seconds per rank, up from 4 seconds per rank.
    • The levels at which you get your pet points has been significantly changed. You will now get them at the following levels: level 5 - 2 points, level 10 - 4 points, level 15 - 6 points, level 20 - 8 points. You will now have your maximum number of pet points available at level 20.
    • Despoiled the Soul has had its mana cost and recast time reduced. When you train Despoil the Soul you will get a secondary spell, Reap the Soul. This spell can be used to refresh your current Despoil the Soul, making it easier to keep your Despoil the Soul counter where you want it. In addition, Despoil the Soul will also increase a bonus to magical damage instead of being a damage multiplier.
  • Nuke Balance Adjustments
    • All damage spells have been rebalanced to take into account your having all 8 pet points at level 20. This leads to better scaling of your damage spells, and reinforces that you are a pet class reliant on pets for a significant amount of damage.
    • Archmage pets incorrectly did not have the area-of-effect damage coefficient applied. Their damage has been corrected to take into account their nukes are AOE nukes.
    • Increased the damage of Necrotic Pustule, Gelid Bones, and Chill.
    • Significantly increased the explosion damage of Necrotic Bomb
    • Chill has received splash damage (50% damage to 1 target), and splash damage from
    • Ice Strike has received an increase in splash damage from 15% to 30%.
    • Lifestrike Rank 4 will correctly have the damage-over-time effect.
    • Parasitic Soul Swarm and Unholy Hands will now take pet damage contribution into account and should be in line with damage as it was originally intended.
  • Pet Effect Adjustments
    • Blighted One has had its proc rate and amount of mana damage significantly increased.
    • Dead Blight stamina damage was also significantly increased if it is trained and will have a chance to crit.
    • Harvester has received an increase to the amount of mana healed and stamina healed by the pet. The Harvester will now heal more mana than stamina (although the stamina gain is now still significantly increased over the previous value). These can also have a chance to crit.
    • Life-Stealer has had its amount of health increased significantly. We also reduced the variance of the heal and added a chance to crit.
    • Mutilator's Mutilation damage-over-time (DoT) effect has had an increase to the damage. This will also have a chance to crit.

Tempest of Set[]

  • Core Revision Adjustments
    • Storm Field is now limited to affect 3 targets at a time.
    • Titanic Storm now additionally increases the number of targets affected by Storm Field by 50%
    • Lightning Strike no longer has a cooldown
    • The primary damage range of Lightning Strike has adjusted to be more consistent, the average damage remains the same
    • Lightning Strike has been modified to deal 40% splash damage to 3 targets instead of pure AoE damage
    • Pillar Lightning rank 2 and 3 now additionally increase the number of targets affected by Lightning Strike splash damage
    • Fury of the Storm has been decreased from 60% to 40% critical damage modifier at max rank


  • Blood effects on pet attacks should now trigger correctly.
  • The evade bonus on characters has been revised when fighting lower level monsters.


  • Quests in the 20 - 40 level range have been revised so that they are all categorized under the proper locations in the quest journal.
  • Supply Routes quest in Conall’s Valley should now be sorted under the correct region in the quest journal.
  • The “Jack of Ale” you get at “Rum n' Rumble” for the Mage destiny quest can now be removed from your inventory.
  • Magic Orb: The orbs have been lowered for characters that could not reach them due to shortness in height.
  • Awakening III - Neutralize Strom's Guard: You should no longer become stuck after killing the Boozed Bullies.
  • Awakening III - Neutralize Strom's Guard: Resolved a minor issue with players getting stuck after killing the Boozed Bullies.
  • The Phoenix of the North: You should no longer become stuck in the barrier that shields the Phoenix of the North if you log off.
  • The Cimmerian's Axe, What Creeps Beneath, The Dangers of Decadence and D
  • Desert Raiders have had their waypoints corrected.
  • New dialog has been added for Sharak and Scyra when you've finished all the Destiny Quests.
  • Cannibal Commotion: The quest will now correctly update when you reach the cave that Attadeus and Demeras are located in.
  • Ibis, Master of Hidden Secrets: The quest can no longer be deleted from your journal to resolve an issue that made it so you could no longer attain it.
  • Phoenix of the East: It should no longer be possible to enter the Blood Rite Subterrene with multiple players.
  • To Battle a God: You should no longer experience issues with this quest if your journal is full.


  • Tooltips will now properly display spell affects of the spell line and proc affects to the spell line. They will also now properly display the gem * modifications on the item itself.
  • Despoil the Soul will now display a stack count when stacked four times.


  • All bags have had their size doubled!
  • Many level 80 items that increased Max Mana have been adjusted to provide Max Stamina as they were intended. Barbarians will greatly benefit from this change.
  • Oil of Acuity will now replenish mana when consumed.
  • Vanir NPCs in Conall's Valley, Field of the Dead and the Eiglophian Mountains will drop a greater variety of Vanir-based loot.
  • Gossamer Silk should now be referenced correctly in the Full Trade Response.
  • Rusty Courage: The Rusty Old Sword has had its sized reduced to reflect that of a humans and not of a giant's.
  • The Bloodied Spear now has a blue glow, indicating that you can interact with it.


  • The Beggar in Khemi will no longer give the chat bubble icon.
  • NPC cries for help should no longer trigger aggro through collision objects such as walls and buildings.
  • NPCs should no longer reset in mid combat.
  • Koruno Elder's has received a new sword as his offhand weapon.
  • The Town Crier in Tortage now cries much less frequently. The White Hand Priest’s Emanation of Life spell will now have a longer cooldown and will also display the icon for the spell in the Priest’s debuff window.
  • Awi-Awan from the Purple Lotus Swamp is now flagged as an Armorsmith Trainer.
  • Barkripper Ursa is now a group encounter.


Armsman Arena[]

  • You will now need to interact with the Arena Gong after speaking with the Announcer to receive a challenge.

Eiglophian Mountains[]

  • Eiglophian Mountains has received a number of enhancements and adjustments based on player feedback.
  • More Hungry Ice Worms, Ice Worm Devoures, Snow Apes, Mountain Apes and Cliff Apes have been added.
  • The respawn timers of the NPCs in the area have also been adjusted.
  • Ymirish Rimebinder has been reverted from a group encounter to a solo encounter.

Khopshef Province[]

  • New quests and monsters have been added.
  • Black Castle is no longer Epic Mode enabled as it's turned into a group dungeon.

Kyllikki's Crypt[]

  • The light and environment in Kyllikki's Crypt should be a little better.

Sanctum of the Burning Souls[]

  • Treasures are now scattered throughout the sanctum.
  • NPCs will now never lose aggro.


  • Silver Necklet has had its level adjusted to 40 as it was originally intended.
  • Skymetal-Studded Wristbands (normal) and Bluesteel-studded Wristbands (rare) now has different stats.
  • Stone, Iron and Gold nodes have had new visual effect applied to them to make the nodes more visible to all.
  • All items that contain gems will no longer have the gems removed when undoing a sale in the shop.
  • Wolves in Lacheish Plains have had their Worled Leather drops adjusted as intended.
  • Gems will no longer visually overwrite the first one.
  • Crafted cloaks will now support the equipping of gems.


  • Performance: A number of code changes have been made to improve client performance.
  • New advance video options have been added for particles. Turning down the particle settings will increase performance.