Gateway to Khitai
Level 20 - 40
Map Gateway to Khitai
Region Khitai
Type Adventure Region
Connections Khemi
Old Tarantia
Northern Grasslands
Dungeons The Forgotten City
The Breach

"For thousands of years she has been our protector, the shield which keeps back the darkness. When the men of Hyrkania come with their curved blades and wicked bows, they are broken against her like the tide against the shore. She is our strength, our protector, our pride."

Gateway to Khitai is the first location in the Rise of the Godslayer expansion that players will encounter. This area, filled with level 20 to 40 content, is also the first area that newly created Khitan characters will go to after leaving the Island of Tortage.

When travelers first arrive in the region known as the Gateway to Khitai their first feeling is of relief. The journey is almost over. Technically, they are still within Hyrkania – with its broad barren plains and the lean horseman who roam them – but civilization is at hand after so many months of wearying travel. But the last leg of a journey is often the most dangerous and the road to Khitai is no exception. Hyrkanian raiders watch the trade routes – ambushing the silk-laden wagons bound for the west, or the caravans who come with rare western goods to trade for jade, silk, and lotus. Merchant guards, weary after months of travel through hostile territory, offer little real resistance to the Hyrkanians who sweep down on their prey loosing barbed arrows from their double-curved bows.There was a time, not long ago, when the Imperial Legions maintained this last stretch of the road and regular patrols rode out from the Great Wall. But those patrols have long since ceased and this, perhaps, is the very first sign that something is amiss in the land beyond the Great Wall.

The Hyrkanians are not the only threat in the area – the local wildlife is as savage as the landscape. Huge saber-toothed cats and fur-covered rhinos defend their territory aggressively against human incursion, while more sinister creatures gather in the ancient ruins that dot the landscape…

Locations Edit

Wrecked Caravan Edit

GtK Wrecked Caravan
A caravan from Khitai fell victim to a Hyrkanian attack. Although the Great Wall is still in sight, the traders are on their own now with nothing left, surrounded by plundering Hyrkanians and ferocious wildlife. It seems that everything is lost now, or is it?

Hyrkanian Village Edit

Players who travel in the Gateway to Khitai will soon discover that not all Hyrkanians are the bloodthirsty devils that they are painted in the
GtK Hyrkanian Village
lands of the west. The nomads have built a semi-permanent settlement on the edge of one of their ancestral burial grounds.

Internal Hyrkanian conflicts have left only the women and elders behind, suffering from false leaders and the perils of nature.

Hyrkanian Graveyard Edit

GtK Hyrkanian Graveyard
This graveyard – known to the  Hyrkanians as the kakaba or City of Mounds - is a sacred place where the members of a clan are laid to rest. It is forbidden to ride horses or fire arrows in the kakaba, as a sign of respect for the dead. Unfortunately for the Hyrkanian clan, their ancestors have begun rising from their graves as the sun sets each night, and they are bound by honor to prevent their undead ancestors from causing any harm. Every night, the ancestors rise, and every night the living Hyrkanians must send their kind back to repose.

This sinister cycle began almost two decades ago, and the Hyrkanians are certain that the Khitan people know the cause. But the Khitan remain silent in the face of such accusations, and so the Hyrkanians raid the caravans on the trade routes with renewed vigor.

Dried Lake Edit

GtK Dried Lake
The steppes are thirsty, so is the word. A dried lake borders the north of the mid-steppes, now only filling up with mysterious black sand from the Breach.

Ancient Ruins Edit

Both in the far north and south of the Gateway to Khitai are the tumbled down ruins of an ancient civilization. There are none who remember who
GtK Ancient Ruins
once dwelt in those cities and all record of who they once were was lost with the people of this strange civilization.The ruins themselves have a sinister air, but this does not stop treasure hunters from digging in the hope of finding forgotten treasures and ancient trinkets. Though treasure hunters should be wary because dark secrets lie hidden beneath the frozen earth…

The Hermit Edit

GtK Zang Xin Hermit
Near the ruins, in the foothills of the Mountains of Night, dwell the Zang Xin. These semi-intelligent humanoids live in the shadow of the Great Wall and build primitive structures to house their family groups. They are extremely territorial and will defend their domain against any incursion. They fashion primitive weapons from wood and stone – but rumor has it that a far more advanced tribe of Zang Xin make their home in the lands
GtK The Hermit
beyond the wall.

Only one human, simply called the Hermit, resides close to Zang Xin, for his very own personal reasons.

Menudsjin's Camp Edit

GtK Menudsjin s Camp
A young leader sets up camp in the middle of turmoil. Corruption spreads the land, turning sand black, animals into wild beasts and long dead ancestors into roaming corpses. The source is yet unknown, but it seems that all this is tied back to events long lost in the past.

The Forgotten City Edit

GtK Forgotten City Ruins
The outskirts of an ancient, unknown city lie in the northwest of the Gateway to Khitai, now inhabited by undead and strangely behaving animals.

The Breach Edit

GtK The Breach
Black sand spreads the land from a place in the mountains referred to as the Breach. The very soil is cursed and dead, corrupting everything that lives and turning bodies into undead. Whoever dares to find the source of corruption will surely find madness and eternal slaughter.

Trading Village Edit

GtK Trader Village
Resting in the shadow of the Great Wall lies a village of traders, offering resources and amusement to travelers, gathering from all around the world on their way to and from Khitai.

The Great Wall Edit

GtK Great Wall
The Great Wall is manned by soldiers of the Last Legion, and more recently, sorcerers of the Scarlet Circle. There is little love lost between the two groups – the Scarlet Circle are arrogant by virtue of their power and the Last Legion see the Scarlet Circle as more interested in their own experiments than in protecting the empire.The Scarlet Circle are led by a young and ambitious sorceress named Wei-li. Wei-li is interested in pursuing an advanced form of necromancy which involves fusing multiple creatures into a single entity known as Kang Zai, or Wall Guardians. She sees it as a viable way to defend the empire without the cost of training all those soldiers – she is irritated by Taichu’s refusal to see her point of view. Taichu is the Wall-captain of the Last Legion, responsible for the defense and maintenance of the wall. His frustration grows daily as he watches the Scarlet Circle squander resources that would be better spent restocking supplies and paying his men. He watches powerless as his men desert, fleeing towards the center of the empire in search of the wives and children that they have not seen in years.

Resurrection PointsEdit

Gateway to Khitai has the following resurrection points:

  • Wrecked Trading Caravan (494, 462)
  • Mid-steppes (857, 531)
  • Trading Village (1272, 642)
  • Menudsjin's Camp (716, 1048)

Quests starting in Gateway to Khitai Edit

Level Quest name Startup action / prerequisites
A Bloodstained Dagger talk to Menudsjin
26 A Cold Desert talk to Chotan
A letter to Khemi talk to Akana after completing Tales of the Sands
A Lost Time talk to Gong
33 An Unwilling Undead talk to Strange Wight
Assaulting a Village talk to Ze-dong
Assaulting a Village II enter Hyrkanian Village after completing Assaulting a Village
Beasts at Bay talk to Towai
Becoming a Khan talk to Menudsjin after completing The Fate of Kuchu Khan
Betrayer of an Empire talk to Taichu
20 Blood and Jade talk to Pu-la
30 Blood and Sweat talk to Yehonala after completing Traveling home
38 Blood of the Scarlet Circle talk to Taichu
Brawling for Qun talk to Qun
Common People talk to Taichu
31 Crazed Yaks talk to Todaan
27 Creatures in the Mist talk to Kuan-tai
38 Crushed by Artillery talk to Hang-khi
26 Curse from Beyond talk to Altan
Death without Honor use Crumpled Note
22 Deceiving the Raiders talk to Ze-dong
Destroying the Zang Xin talk to Gong after completing Savage Worshippers
Dishonor among Thieves talk to Disloyal Hyrkanian
32 Dragon Breath talk to Yuan
33 Dulling the Mind talk to Tokhto'a
32 Dulling the Senses talk to Tokhto'a
20 End of a Road talk to Xiu-tou
26 Feeding Shou-Hsing talk to Shou-Hsing
36 Fog of the Damned talk to Nakhu
36 From beyond the Wall talk to Todaan
37 Ghosts of the Wall use Note I
26 Giving a Helping Hand talk to Hulan
24 Hunting on the Steppes talk to Gong
26 Kuchu's Bloodied Hands talk to Khada'an
22 Left Behind talk to Wingfung after completing Unforgiving Thirst
23 Menudsjin talk to Chotan
22 Message from Menudsjin pick up and use Hyrkanian Message
20 On Their Own talk to Jingbo
37 Perfectly Insane talk to Nakhu
21 Poison as Defense talk to Heng-zong
23 Protecting the Wall use Sign "Protecting the Wall"
32 Raging Sabertooths talk to Todaan after completing Crazed Yaks
26 Rotten and Lost talk to Vandana
27 Sanctity of the Dead talk to Yue
Savage Worshippers talk to Gong
31 Scouting the Plains talk to Nakhu
20 Signs of Battle talk to Sethos
26 Small but Lethal talk to Chotan after completing A Cold Desert
36 Stay Dead, Friend talk to Menudsjin
32 Tales of a Lost People talk to Akana
36 Tales of the Sands talk to Akana after completing Tales of a Lost People
24 The Art of Deception talk to Ze-dong
30 The Black Dragon of Khitai talk to Hang-khi
31 The Cleansing Fire use Torch during The Hyrkanian Rituals
33 The Cleansing Fire II use Torch during The Hyrkanian Rituals
33 The Cleansing Fire III use Torch during The Hyrkanian Rituals
36 The Cleansing Fire IV use Torch during The Hyrkanian Rituals
38 The Demon of the Sands talk to Dair Usun after completing The Mad Shaman
32 The Distraught Shaman talk to Dair Usun after completing The Troubled Shaman
The Fate of Kuchu Khan talk to Menudsjin after completing Menudsjin
33 The Forgotten City talk to Nakhu
38 The Gate and the Thief talk to Taichu
39 The Giant talk to Hang-khi
31 The Hyrkanian Rituals talk to Menudsjin
26 The Hyrkanian Trial talk to Targutai
38 The Kang Zai Summoning talk to Taichu
38 The Lotus Fiend talk to Chang-wei
20 The Lotus Road talk to Pu-la
36 The Mad Shaman talk to Dair Usun after completing The Distraught Shaman
36 The Oldest Profession talk to Yi-ku after completing Whoremonger
30 The Phoenix of the South talk to Yehonala after completing Blood and Sweat
20 The Shadow of the Wall talk to Jingbo
31 The Troubled Shaman talk to Dair Usun
27 They fled South talk to Guo-fang
24 Tongues of the Traitorous talk to Jen-ta
20 Traveling home talk to Kalanthes
20 Unforgiving Thirst talk to Wingfung
38 Wei-li talk to Taichu
27 What should remain buried talk to Guo-fang
22 While they're still alive talk to Jingbo
36 Whoremonger talk to Yi-ku

Quests involving Gateway to Khitai Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Akana 666, 1111 starts Tales of a lost people, Tales of the Sands, A letter to Khemi, Revealing the Forgotten
Altan 520, 745 starts They awake at Night, Sacred Grounds, Curse from Beyond
Ambhakai 515, 781
Bataar 1335, 615
Black Marketeer 1148, 700 Fine Potions
Black Marketeer 1169, 699 Fine Food and Drinks
Caravan Master 1408, 631 Stygian Voyager (Khemi)
Cartographer 504, 474 Wagoner Route Maps
Chang-wei 1324, 750 The Lotus Fiend
Chotan 496, 730 starts Menudsjin, A Cold Desert, Small but lethal
Dair Usun 690, 1096 starts The Troubled Shaman, The Distraught Shaman, The Mad Shaman, The Demon of the Sands
Disloyal Hyrkanian 550, 687 starts Dishonor among Thieves
Gang Wayfarer 1281, 711 Wayfarer of Asura
Gong 814, 105 starts Hunting on the Steppes, Savage Worshippers, Destroying the Zang Xin, Remains of the Ancestors, A Lost Time
Gong-sun 1454, 313
Gui-fei 461, 486 Fine Potions
Guo-fang 600, 463 starts What should remain buried, They fled South
Hai-ying 561, 708 Fine Potions
Hang-khi 1375, 495 starts The Black Dragon of Khitai, The Giant, Crushed by Artillery
Heng-zong 478, 494 starts Poison as Defense, Last stand on the Steppes
Hulan 572, 762 starts Giving a Helping Hand
Jamukha 455, 760
Jen-ta 480, 501 starts Tongues of the Traitorous
Jingbo 463, 493 starts The Captives of the Raiders, The Shadow of the Wall, On Their Own
Joy-shan 1251, 745 starts Through the World
Kao-kan 1262, 724 Trader
Kao-tsu 1266, 727
Khada'an 588, 718 starts Kuchu's Bloodied Hands
Khagata Darmala 531, 715
Kim Doo Hyun 1294, 698 Grand Food and Drinks
Kuan-tai 631, 311 starts Creatures in the Mist
Lan-fang 1310, 717 Fine Armors
Li-min 1423, 607 starts Rage of the Kang Zai
May-ling 1294, 696 Fine Food and Drinks
Menudsjin 695, 1051 starts The Fate of Kuchu Khan, Becoming a Khan, The Hyrkanian Rituals, Stay Dead, Friend, The Cleansing, The Upstart's Downfall, Worse than Death
Nakhu 695, 1094 starts Scouting the Plains, The Forgotten City, A People lost, Perfectly Insane, Fog of the Damned
Parpiela 709, 1051 Fine Potions
Pu-la 470, 486 starts Blood and Jade, The Lotus Road
Qun 1265, 734 starts Brawling for Qun
Sethos 389, 473 starts Signs of Battle
Shoshana 1247, 718
Shou-Hsing 810, 106 starts Feeding Shou-Hsing
Smuggler 1168, 713 Khitan Pathfinder (Old Tarantia)
Strange Wight 634, 1227 starts An Unwilling Undead
Taichu 1415, 593 starts Betrayer of an Empire, The Gate and the Thief, Common People, The Poisoned, The Kang Zai Summoning, Blood of the Scarlet Circle
Targutai 501, 734 starts The Hyrkanian Trial
Temulin 1270, 682
Tia 1292, 678 Fine Weapons
Todaan 726, 1067 starts Crazed Yaks, Raging Sabertooths, From beyond the Wall
Tokhto'a 708, 1048 starts Dulling the Senses, Dulling the Mind
Tortage Smuggler 1286, 686 Khitan Pathfinder (Tortage)
To-wai 788, 284 starts Beasts at Bay
Vandana 530, 774 starts Rotten and Lost
Wagoner Mun-hee 501, 472 Local travel
Wingfung 477, 484 starts Unforgiving Thirst, Left Behind
Xiu-tou 413, 492 starts End of a Road
Yan-mei 1288, 688 Fine Potions
Yehonala 411, 477 starts Blood and Sweat, The Phoenix of the South, Time to Fight
Yi-ku 1331, 758 starts Whoremonger, The Oldest Profession
Yuan 730, 1068 starts Dragon Breath
Yue 630, 313 starts Sanctity of the Dead
Ze-dong 468, 484 starts Deceiving the Raiders, The Art of Deception, Assaulting a Village

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