Taking advantage of the skills of the armor and weapon smiths, the gemcutter specializes in honing and crafting gems to decorate and enhance equipment.

While some gems only have minor effects, others found in crypts or carried by those practicing darker arts may carry strange powers that can be harnessed by the gemcutter's craft. Enemies tend to drop rough gems that the gemcutter can turn into powerful enchantments, and these can be placed into other crafted items to make them more potent.

As the gemcutter is familiar with working with a fresh set of armor or weaponry, they can also provide some more straightforward modifications such as counterweights or other reinforcement.

Getting Started[]

Gemcutting may be acquired at level 40 as one of your two professions. There is a trainer in each of the three Resource and Gathering zones who will get you started for a fee of 7 60 . Paying this fee will teach you every tier 1 recipe and give you the first quest.


The following quests must be completed to become a master gemcutter. Listed are each of the progression quests, along with the raw gems needed for each quest (though note that you need only cut three gems from each category to progress).

  • Beginner Gems - Cut 3 beginner gems
    • Black Spinel, Fiery Beryl, Jasper, Kyanite, Malachite, Rock Crystal
  • Basic Gems - Cut 3 basic gems
    • Azurite, Carnelian, Chrysoberyl, Heliodor, Smoke Quartz, Zircon
  • Common Gems - Cut 3 common gems
    • Aquamarine, Blood Amber, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Corundum, Melanite
  • Advanced Gems - Cut 3 advanced gems
    • Achroite, Jet, Lace Agate, Peridot, Pushparagam, Rose Quartz
  • Complex Gem Cuts - Cut 3 complex gems
    • Canary Diamond, Garnet, Prasiolite, Sapphire, Shimmering Opal, Tourmaline
  • Superior Gems - Cut 3 superior gems
    • Diamond, Emerald, Moonstone, Royal Onyx, Ruby, Topaz


Every gemcutting recipe consists of a quantity of jeweler kits, purchased from the tradeskills vendor, and a raw gem. Raw gems come in six different colors. 6 tier levels 40, 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 for a total of 36 different types. These are referred to as Tiers 5 through 10. An updated table of raw gems post patch 1.05 is available on the Gems page.

Raw gems are dropped by all level 40+ Humanoid NPCs.

The Jeweler's Tools are consumed upon cutting a gem. They cost 3 copper each and they are used at rates of 1/2/4/8/9/10 for each tier of gem.

Recipes. []

  • NO more random gems
  • Level 40 come as Beads
  • Level 50 come as Cabochon
  • Level 60 + come in 2 cuts
  • Stats scale based on the gear they are slotted into
  • YOU can slot up but you cannot slot down
  • Gem has to match the color of the gem socket
  • Cut gems stack
  • Uncut gems stack
  • There are no more "random" gems
  • Coming in a future patch there will be rare gem drops.
  • There are recipe drops for some gem cuts
  • There is a recipe drop for alchemist to break gems up called Transforming This allows you to take a gem and break it into multiples of lower level gem of the same color. The quantity of gems you get depends on the level of the gem being transformed and the level you are transforming to. <temp>

A list of prefixes for each color/cut combination, along with stats at the six tiers, is available on the Gems page.

Known Bugs/Features[]

  • You still need to zone before cutting a gem to get quest credit
  • Stats appear to disappear when zoning or after death. There are no official dev posts on this bug so it is unknown if the stats are really disappearing.
  • Gemming a second/third gem into an item won't display till you zone.
  • Selling a gemmed item to a vendor and hitting undo will give you the item back, minus the gems. (Fixed 6/23/2008)
  • Cloaks are still un-socketable.(Fixed 6/23/2008)
  • Gems (cut and uncut) don't show up on the AH (Fixed 6/26/2008)

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