Guiding Spirit
Rank 0/3
15 points spent in this line

The spirit of renewal improves the priest's healing spells Wave of Life, Life of Set, or Blood Flow by reducing the reuse time.

Only affects the cooldown on Blood Flow not the cast time.

Vanilla Blood Flow is 0.5s cast time 3s cooldown

3/3 in this feat and it becomes:

0.5s cast time, No cooldown.

Probably works the same for the other 2 priests HoT.

Bear Shaman Related


Getting 3/3 has synergy with Balance Of Nature, as you can spam Blood Flow quicker until Balance of Nature procs and also has synergy with the Blood Warrior feat, as you can spam Blood Flow 5 times in only 2.5s rather than 15s.

Don't know if these synergies are worth getting though and also spamming Blood Flow every 0.5s can apparently cause lag.