A guild is an in-game association of player characters. Guilds are formed to make grouping and raiding easier and more rewarding, as well as to form a social atmosphere in which to enjoy the game. In Age of Conan, guilds are able to create their own player cities that belong to the Guild. They can also create Battle Keeps in The Border Kingdoms for PvP. Guilds can focus on PvE, PvP, or RP.


While guild creation is reserved for players that are at least level 20, there is no level requirement to join an already created guild. To create a guild, open the guild tab and you can create your own guild.

Guild Webpages[]

Many guild's from all MMOrpg type games have a web page for their guild outside of the actual game, Age of Conan is no exception this allows them to plan for certain events that will happen inside Age of Conan, and for endgame planning and storing of information such as DKP(Dragon Kill Points). A prime example of a guild webpage can be found at which also provides guild hosting for Age of Conan gamers.


There are seven government types you can choose from when creating a guild: Cimmerian, Acheron, Stygian, Aquilonian, Nemedian, Hyborian Militia, and Harem. The government type can be changed at will by the guild leader at any time through the Guild Management window. The government type selected affects each guild member's rank:


  1. Chieftain (leader)
  2. War Chief (officer)
  3. Elder (under-officer)
  4. Kinsman (members)
  5. Comrade (trials)


  1. Chaos-lord (leader)
  2. Deathbringer Envoy (co-leader)
  3. Infernal Adept (Officer)
  4. Ritualist Acolyte (member1)
  5. Sacrificer Apprentice (member2)
  6. Blood Initiate (trials)


  1. Emissary of Set (leader)
  2. Disciple of Set (Officer)
  3. Serpent Devotee (member)
  4. Initiate (trials)


  1. Potentate (leader)
  2. Ambassador (Officer)
  3. Patrician (sub-Officer)
  4. Stateman (member1)
  5. Partisan (member2)
  6. Citizen (trials)


  1. Lord (leader)
  2. Commandant (Officer)
  3. Knight (sub-Officer)
  4. Squire (member1)
  5. Vassel (member2)
  6. Aspirant (trials)

Hyborian Milita[]

  1. Strategos (leader - can have more then one)
  2. Taxiarchos (Officer)
  3. Hyparchos (sub-Officer)
  4. Phalanx (member1)
  5. Chiliostys (member2)
  6. Conscript (trials)


  1. Madam (leader - can have more then one)
  2. Courtesan (officer)
  3. Concubine (member1)
  4. Harlot (members2)
  5. Trollop (trials)

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